2, 2, 2 Brand Strategy Tour Programme

Competitor Auditing

Let's Get auditing Your Competition

I introduced the next module in the programme in our last 121 together.

Here is a small series of bite-sized video guides you can follow along with to keep your competitive auditing efficient and extra focussed.

Welcome to the Competitive Auditing Process

I've emailed you your workbook and templates, but in case you need an extra copy of these materials, you can access them here as well.

2, 2, 2 Brand Competitive Audit Workbook MOCK-UP

this version will not be able to be filled in and submitted online. Refer to your link to this on my email on Weds 26th Jan at 3 pm

The Who, What, When Where and Why of EVERY Competitive Audit

The logic and strategy of doing a Competitor Audit at this point in the programme. Try to remember this if you begin feeling feelings of resistance about getting this module done.

This is REALLY common.

We think it's going to be extra triggering, and will make us feel terrible about our brands. But I PROMISE YOU the opposite is true.

Selecting the Right Sample for Your Competitive Audit

You will need to complete pages 2 and 3 in your workbook before moving on to the next stage.

How to Do Your 3 Deep Dives Investigation

You will need to complete pages 4 to 18 before moving on to the next stage.

This is the longest bit in this module.

How to Do Your 5 Light Touches Investigation

You will need to complete pages 19 to 31 before moving on to the next stage.

Getting Started With Strategic Insights

You will need to complete page 32 and then the templates pack before moving on to the next stage.

Key Dates

Weds 23rd Feb 10-11:30am

Group Session to reflect and discuss your initial findings.

Fri 18th March 5pm

Hand in your completed workbook and templates including your one-pager for all 3 deep dives.

Additional Help & Support

As always, if you need support or any kind of additional help in all instances please shout out on Slack.

You can use your dedicated 2,2,2 Channel to get support from each other.

Or if you need my help specifically, send me a DM on Slack. If you decide that you need additional assistance and a suitable VA recommendation to support you with the investigation part of this module, feel free to ask me about this in a Slack DM as well.

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