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Youpreneur Summit 2018 Headshots Round Up

November 12, 2018

 Watch  The  Youpreneur Summit 2018 Round Up Story

If you’ve always wondered what it feels like to attend the Youpreneur Summit in London in person, watch this video to see my round-up of 2018’s conference.


Why I love attending Youpreneur Summit 

If you’re a fellow skilled entrepreneur who’s trying to find their way with improving their online side business, and using a personal brand to spread their message, then there is a good chance that you’ve come along the name Chris Ducker and the Youpreneur Academy. You’ve probably also heard about this fantastic event, the Youpreneur Summit, which is held every November in London.

Youpreneur Summit 2018 Clients

 Now what stands out to me the most about the Youpreneur Summit that I think makes it different to other events and conferences is that there’s a certain level of success and expectation for success in the room. You know after chatting with different attendees and networking a little bit around the event, that people who are seriously successful take the time out of their crazy schedule to go and brush up their knowledge and skills to help them become even more successful, and that kind of energy is really addictive and inspirational, so for that alone, I really recommend this one.

Let’s take a look at some of the results from my 2018 client sessions.

This first shot is of Kelly Baader, who travelled all the way from Switzerland to speak at the Youpreneur event. Kelly is the founder of Christian CEO University and Christian CEO Podcast.  

You can really see the scale of the QEII setting.  Isn’t it fab? 

Roger Edwards, is a Marketing guide from Edinburgh took to the Youpreneur stage to talk about how to keep your marketing simple, he was looking for some really good photographs of him speaking on stage to add to his website. 

Roger did a really fun talk.  He threw tennis balls into the crowd. 


Jadah began her inspirational talk with a gorgeous free flowing poem.  It was a real tear jerker. 



Thanks To 

I would officially like to thank  the Youpreneur Summit host.   

Chris Ducker 

I love being a member of the Youpreneur academy and it has helped my business loads. 

He has also been cool with me offering my headshots and speaker services at all of the summits. 

Shot by Laura Pearman Photography


What About You? 

If  you want to take the next step when it comes to this year’s Youpreneur Summit, then here is the information you need. 

Get Some More Inspo 

You can  see the rest of my Youpreneur Summit results here:  

Let’s Shoot at Youpreneur Summit 2019! 

If you are attending this year’s summit, I’d love to talk headshots with you.  Find out everything you need on my different services here