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If you operate in the medium to the large business-to-business arena and you’re not sure how you go about distancing yourself from the smaller-scale business then I want you to check out Amanda Webb from Spiderworking. She has successfully done this over the last couple of years and it has had a dramatic effect on her bottom line. We agreed that casual but authoritative headshots were the right way to go on this one. See how the shoot panned out.

How We Met

I first met Amanda at this dinner a couple of years ago after Social Media Marketing World was coming to a close. We were kind of across each other at a table and we were able to have a really fun chat about everything that isn’t to do with a business that night and it was really good.

After hitting it off we stayed in touch on social together and we made sure to make a beeline for each other at events where we were both attending in the following months. Amanda knew that when it was time she could reach out to me and she was so good.

Shoot Planning Tip

She contacted me with a very specific shoot brief prior to the shoot date and she even had pencilled in a few dates of when she would be available to do the shoot.

So organised!

We got planning together as a result of that on our little secret Pinterest board so we could kind of jam on ideas when our schedules allowed in the run-up to the shooting date. So by the time we got to shoot date, everything had just been pre-organised and we were ready to hit the ground running.

Shoot Day Results

Seasonal variations on any shoot give you lots of images that you can make use of year-round.  This is the epitome of all things summer for Amanda Webb & the Spiderworking Brand.

Shoot Day Behind The Scenes

My Favourite Amanda Webb Headshot

Let’s take a look at my favourite from this headshot session.

How much does a Headshot Cost?
Amanda Webb Headshots Session

This has to be my favourite shot of Amanda and I like it for a few reasons:

  • First of all technically speaking you might not be able to notice it but I do and I was using a prism to refract the light when we were doing this set in her session and I really like subtle effect you can see almost a glare and a diffusion of light above her head it’s very very subtle but it’s something that I was technically quite pleased with.
  • Second of all, it’s unusual so it’s an unusual angle and I really can see Amanda being able to use this in so many different ways across her website on a landing page, in any print material in her training documents, on speaker slides because of the negative space.
  • I also really like the way that the pattern in her shirt clashes with patterns and the colours that you see on the graffiti. It’s really casual it’s fun and it’s a little bit different which I think works well to position Amanda in that expert area.

What’s Yours?

Let me know what you think. Amanda and I had made time to go out and have a pint together after her turbo session was over. I filmed some of it so you can see what we were chatting about and that’s gonna be next week’s episode on Mwah TV. I will see you then mwah!

Extra Thanks To

I would officially like to thank the following businesses for their support and contribution toward the results of this shoot. 

Popolo, Newcastle 

Thanks so much for letting me film and shoot there! We really appreciate it. 

ND Make-up Artists, Newcastle

You did more amazing work again for Amanda.  That lip colour WAS PERFECT!!!

creative headshots

What About You?

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