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Exclusive Fitness Sch-Wham Headshots with Neil and Mark from Bespoke Fitness

October 26, 2018

Watch The Exclusive Fitness Shoot Story

If you’re building a luxury brand within the fitness and wellness world, watch this video of my Sch-Wham headshot session with brothers Neil and Mark from Bespoke Fitness. They have an exclusive fitness business where they go out to their clients’ homes to deliver personal training sessions and nutrition accountability all across the Tyne Valley.

How We Met

I first met Neil and Mark through a referral from a mutual supplier that we both share in virtual assistants. Thank you Rachael!

The guys were looking to change up their studio based headshots into more of a lifestyle feel. After a fun meeting down the pub here in Newcastle at the Quayside, we agreed that it would be a great idea if the guys went with a Sch-Wham headshot service. This was gonna give us plenty of time to get round all of their different clients’ homes, who they had already got on board to help us with some authentic backdrops to show the guys, exactly how they work day to day.

Corbridge, Northumberland

This shot was taken in the garden of a client Neil and Mark train, I love this shot as it shows just how Bespoke the service is the guys provide, they bring all of the equipment to the client’s place, and people can train from home (or the garden shed!).

Northumberland National Park

This is my most favourite shot from Neil and Mark’s Sch-wham headshot session. I really like the way that this all came together. We had to position the trucks in such a way so that you could definitely see the branding, but also help shield us from the wind. So what you can’t see about this image is just behind this truck that Neil’s leaning against is Rachael who owns the farmland, and she’s got a hold of one of the orange smoke bombs which is going off in this direction, and we’ve got different positioned smoke bombs around me and I’m down here crouching, getting the shot. I think that’s what the lads are laughing at to be honest with you. But I love this, it’s dramatic, it’s edgy, it’s something different it’s not what you’re always gonna see especially from a rural based luxury personal training business, and I think that’s one of the things that makes the guys stand out so much so I feel like it does them justice in that respect.

Bespoke Fitness headshots photography

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