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October 31, 2010

In last few weeks I have been trying to develop some more regular projects for myself.
But whilst this is starting to get under control I thought I’d say the main inspirations I’m loving at the moment.

A fresh in from NYC W Magazine
I love the style and highly polished finish in American Fashion photography.  British stuff is a lot more edgy – which isn’t to be criticised of course – but I love this alternative style.  ESPECIALLY the excellent article from Tim Walker.  BRAVO!

A Blog about Inspirations

A Blog about Inspirations

Blog about Inspirations, Tim Walker


A Blog about Inspirations

Wuthering Heights

I have been getting around to reading this book for years.  And finally in the midst of a sleepless night I decided to get stuck in.  I feel as if I can see things with Bronte’s eyes. This imagery is working so well with the current red leave, low sun autumn here in the North East.

Wuthering Heights, Blog about Inspirations