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53+ Brand Affirming Post Ideas Cover Mock-Up

Get Posting as an Intentional Brand Today!

You Might Find Yourself Thinking

  • Have I really got all of this branding stuff figured out?
  • How can I test my brand out without wasting money?
  • Why are my posts on social not performing for me?

But Then You Say To Yourself

  • I don't really have the money to spend on getting an expert in.
  • I don't have the time right now to focus on exactly how to grow a brand online.
  • I need to do this other thing as a top priority first (your clients/your books/sourcing a team/selling in another way).

That's Ok!

  • There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with treating your social media presence as a test bed to grow your brand in the right direction for you.
  • The very best way to get going on building your brand intentionally is to roll your sleeves up and do it on your own first.
  • I still want to help you NOW

If You Don't Know Me Yet

Hi, I’m Laura!

I’ve worked with hundreds of Entrepreneurs all over the world.

I fully appreciate that anyone working on growing a brand has their own feelings, hang-ups and concerns about this.

Whenever I feel this way, I like to try and find a way to feel more in control. That is exactly what this planner is for.

Laura - Services5

HI! I'm Laura Pearman

Creative Director | Brand Strategist | Brand Photographer

Frequently Asked Brand Implementation Questions

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