An Impartial, Accurate Reading to tell you exactly where your brand is "JACKED"

With a Brand Jack Audit You Will

Secure your confidence in the future of your business with

Accurate Measurements

Having a set of detailed accurate readings of how your brand is working gives you the data you need to inform your direction.

The numbers NEVER lie.

Knowing What's Broken

When you know what is broken in your brand you can get straight to action on fixing it.

This gives you focus on the bits that need your attention pronto.

A Fresh Pair of Impartial Eyes on Your Brand

You don't know what you don't know. Right?

And it can be so difficult to see the wood from the trees when you are inside your brand every day. Getting an impartial view on things gives you a new perspective.

A Clear Conscise Report of Findings

Everything I find going on in your brand is a summary of a LOT of detailed information.

Having this boiled down into how you see things from a high-level point of view feels like wrapping your arms around the whole of your business. 

It gives you that sense of EVERYTHING. With the option to dive into detail when you need to.

Traffic Light Scoring

Made for the business owner who prefers to delegate detail out to their team.

In the report, you get a simple Traffic Light score on each area I investigate.

RED - This is pretty serious & you need to look at it ASAP

AMBER - Not great, but not alarming

GREEN - Doing well. Don't need to worry about it.

Prioritised Plan of Action

So that you don't feel overwhelmed by all of the findings in your Brand Jack Audit I included a realistic prioritised Plan of Action that you can follow.

You can opt to get my support in completing this plan of action together or for you.

Or you can use it and implement it on your own with the support of your existing team.

Brand Jack Audit Spanner

What Is A Brand Jack Audit?

In short. This is an audit of your brand and how it is currently affecting your business. In the results report, I tell you exactly which bits of your brand are "jacked" and need some attention. In more detail:

  • It's an impartial accurate measurement of all of the inner workings of your brand. I test 101 areas of your brand to be exact.
  • The findings from these measurements are summarised in an easy-to-read report.
  • Within the report, issues are flagged as red, amber or green based on their severity.
  • All actions from these findings are prioritised for you and your team to address. With or without extra support from me.

Yup, just like an MOT*. But I brownie promise there is no excessive jargon, sucking of teeth* and mansplaining. Everything is written down so you can refer back to it as you and your team need.

*M.O.T: In the UK an M.O.T stands for Ministry of Transport. It's a certification you need to get from a mechanic on an annual basis to prove that your car is safe and roadworthy.

*Sucking of Teeth: Similar kind of sound produced from the mouth as in "kissing one's teeth". However, this is often a noise of deliberation made by a stereotypical tradesman when he/she is coming up with a price off the top of their head. Synonymous with the feeling of "I'm about to be ripped off".

How Does An Audit Like This Work?

All of the heavy lifting and time-consuming parts of this service are taken care of for you. If you decide to go ahead this service will include.

  • A catch up chat on zoom/email.
  • In that chat, we agree on the exact scope of your Brand Jack Audit.
  • My working with your VA/PA to obtain temporary access to the inner workings of your brand.
  • A thorough in-depth investigation of 101 areas of your brand.
  • Write up of findings in your final report.
  • Presentation of your final audit report.
  • A follow-up chat to discuss findings and appropriate next steps and any questions reading the report brought up for you.

So even for the most time-pressed, you can see that this service only demands a couple of hours maximum. This time is spread out over the course of your service delivery.

From start to finish you can expect that your audit service will take no more than 2 months. We agree exactly on how to fit this into your schedule the right way for your schedule at the beginning.

Baby Birds

Are You Avoiding A Brand Audit?

I think the reason most people in my world don't sell in-depth brand audits is that it feels quite unsexy. So many creative-brained entrepreneurs would much rather:

  • Sell you something totally new that they want to create because it feels easier to start from scratch.
  • Stick to the script that numbers and details are not their "thing"
  • Leave you to do all of the heavy-lifting and behave more like a creative baby bird (that you need to micro-manage and keep feeding tasks to).
  • Avoid rocking the boat because they feel scared that if they tell you your brand is "jacked", you'll cut off payment to them.

All good reasons for their businesses. But not exactly brilliant for your business and brand growth. Are they?

Knowing the nitty-gritty detail feels a lot more comfortable to the more serious and pragmatic business owner or leader within a larger organisation. This level of detail:

  • Empowers Strategic Decisions about your Branding.
  • Proves/disproves a hunch you might currently have about the future creative direction of the business. The numbers NEVER lie!
  • Gives you confirmation of what is working.
  • Highlights areas of the business that are not working or are being held back because of branding oversights

Exactly What you get out of a Brand Jack Audit

Delegating a Brand Jack Audit to me will:

  • Give you the headlines, facts and real findings of exactly where your brand is working and where it's slowing you down.
  • Give you peace of mind knowing that what you have built is still solid and will not break down unexpectedly.
  • Support you to continue to grow your team to be truly aligned to the passion that began your business.
  • Let you focus on what you're working on right now.
  • Prioritise your continued brand-building efforts into a realistic manageable timeline.
  • Empower even more valuable delegation to your team. Giving them a sense of brand ownership is only a good thing for your business growth.
  • Get even more value for money from the creatives you already work with (even your brand photographer!).

How Much Does The Brand Audit Service Cost?

What Makes Me The Best Brand Auditor EVER

I'm one of those weird splits in Creative and Logic.

  • I used to do statistical analysis and financial auditing in the Insurance world. Financial auditing is incredibly complex and in a lot of cases takes years to carry out. I left this career and never in a million years thought it would ever serve me.
  • I have worked with hundreds of different brands of all sizes. Specifically in the application of those brands into Brand Photography Sessions.
  • In 2020 during the pandemic, I honed these mixed skills further by re-training in Brand Strategy as an applied service.

and what's more

  • A lot of the Brand Audit Services you find on the market is overly simplified.
  • Or you are expected to commit to a full re-brand or strategic project that includes the audit portion.
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