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The best brand management strategies in this week's episode. Building a STANDOUT brand is something all the business gurus of today have touched on in their content creation and as another way for you to buy their latest product or programme. The ugly cousin of brand creation is brand management. Without this unsexy element, no brand can really succeed, and yet, it’s something no one seems to want to discuss. This irked your host Laura so she decided to face this ugly cousin head-on.

Join us as we re-cap Brand Management Strategies and how to use them to build a STANDOUT BRAND in your business”.

Laura here, it’s true, the impetus behind my making the episodes we’re going to look back at today is down to my own frustration with the top business guru’s choosing to keep the focus on the creative part of branding.

When actually the nuts and bolts and day-to-day is really where true branding magic really happens.

Personal Branding To Faceless Branding Evolution

Back in Episode 1 in Season 3, I broke things down to show how Personal Branding is just one option in a branding strategy. Here we see why this type of branding is so appealing right now, but how it’s usually part of any successful brand evolution story.

This is a great one to replay if you don’t understand why everyone in your social media feed keeps on harping on about personal branding so much.

I enlisted the help of some exquisite guests who gave us even more insight into practical ways to manage our brands better. Naturally, we chatted over cocktails:

Pornstar Martini's & Hotter Content

Natalie Hailey taught us how to reinforce our chosen brand strategy through creative content. This works to generate traffic and leads to our businesses.

Pink Gin In A Tin & LinkedIn

Louise Brogan joined us to work through the 4 different pillars approach she takes to implementing and managing brands on LinkedIn. I personally learned SO MUCH from this episode.

Cosmo's & Powerful Websites

Managing our brands to STAND OUT is crucial. Everyday management needs to go into making a website into a powerful lead generation machine for our businesses. I asked Lyndsay Cambridge to share exactly how we can be doing this better. She also addressed the common pitfalls.

Brand Management Strategies & Enlisting A Brand Manager

On episode 7 we built on all of this new knowledge about the management of our brands. We took a real look at knowing when it’s time to enlist the support of a brand manager into your business. I got into a mini-rant about the mass misunderstanding of a brand guidelines document. This is a good one to revisit if you think this is a one-page summary of your colours and fonts. It’s not. I’ll resist the urge to get into a spin now. Just…. Go back and replay this one.

Your Brand Strategy

Come and explore my range of Brand Strategy services. Let's get you into a strategic way of brand building to make all efforts pay off at your pace and on your terms.

Creative Direction with Moodboarding

I then encouraged you to dial into your creative side. Using visual mood-boarding as a way to explore how to make your brand more creative. I was truly bowled over by how many of you reached out to me in response to this one. If you haven’t tried this technique out before for your business, replay this one next.

Jump In!

There are replay links to every one of these episodes to help you. Pick out exactly where you are at right now with your brand management. Replay the episode that suits your needs best.

Timestamps for this Episode of #MwahTV

00:00 - Episode Start

00:43 - The impetus behind these episodes

01:03 - Episode 1 & the 101. Brand evolution.

01:33 - A re-cap of guest Cocktail Correspondents

01:42 - Natalie Hailey Cocktail Correspondent talking about Branded Content

01:52 - Louise Brogan Cocktail Correspondent talking about Branded LinkedIn

02:10 - Lyndsay Cambridge Cocktail Correspondent talking about Branded Websites

02:29 - Building on all of the above to create Brand Guidelines in your business

03:05 - Getting more creative with your brand by learning how to moodboard

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