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It's So Much More Than A Checklist

I've thought of all the photography gaps so you don't have to

  • Know exactly where to use your headshot online.
  • Implement your headshot in your business.
  • Every single way to use your headshot to show up as your best self in your everyday work.

Buy More Planning Time

  • Make use of older photography in the right way to give you more planning time

Strategic Photography

  • Deliver a consistent version of yourself EVERYWHERE online
  • Explain who you are to your most valued contacts and customers
  • Use your headshots correctly to support all your work on wider marketing strategy, without confusing your brand messaging

If You Don't Know Me Yet

Hi, I’m Laura!

I’ve shot Brand Photography for over 400 different Entrepreneurs and Influencers all over the world.

Using my skills and experience in Creative Direction and Brand Strategy means that when it comes to us planning the best photoshoot of your business life so far, we can make sure that this is not going to be just another "nice set of images" that you can kick out across your social media a couple of times.

Real brand photography works on your behalf. When we shoot on this level we can not only set you up with an image bank that is going to get those likes coming in thick and fast on social but give you the exact right visual assets you need to make your mark in your market. Images that help articulate exactly why you do what you do, and, who you do it for the best.

Here is how and where you can make good rotation use of your new assets to really maximise your return on investment.

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Hi! I'm Laura Pearman

Creative Director | Brand Strategist | Brand Photographer

Why I Made This Free Checklist

Whilst I can fully appreciate that most people do not enjoy being in front of a camera, I felt so frustrated when I saw people letting this fear take over their own success by insisting on using sub-par photography that was just making them look outdated and unprofessional.

The rest of my research showed me that in addition to this, a lot of people feel in the dark about the level of investment us photographers command.  Then after taking a gamble on finding a really good photographer, they had no practical steps to follow to ensure they saw a return. Knowing how to use your headshots in the right places and in the right way can actually be the difference between:

  • Feeling Ripped off and feeling confident in your investment
  • Thinking you can get by with that 'old photo from back in the day' to seeing the point in keeping your headshots up to date
  • Feeling like a bit of an imposter in your industry to feeling confident about your overall success

I want you to fall in love with the power of great headshots.  I know that when you are in the midst of this love affair you're going to feel so much more confident.

  • In business
  • With your marketing strategy, goals and results
  • In the rest of your life overall

"I made this checklist after listening for Years to the contacts in my network, my clients.

This is the exact same advice I've given over and over year after year."

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Frequently Asked Return In Investment Questions

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