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Time for a roundup of all the best bits of m branded headshots 2021. photography and creativity for you from season 4. Snippets from getting back into shooting and insight on what it means to be a Creative Entrepreneur.

If you like the sound of one of these topics, just skip on over to the episode in full. Links to all these episodes below for you and throughout this round-up here too!

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Branded Headshots 2021

As my Branded Headshots 2021 shooting has been so sporadic to adapt to the different restrictions we’ve had in the last 6 months, I am also using this round up to cover some of my episodes about Creativity in a much bigger sense.

If you skip ahead

And see something that tickles your creative tastebuds, hop back into that post in more detail.

Remember Victoria’s Branded Headshots 2021?

It was great to squeeze a socially distanced shoot in the schedule just before the second lockdown hit us here in the UK. Returning to support client Victoria Fleming from Buzztastic as she embarked upon an exciting new niche in her Sales Consultancy business.

And here are some of her final images

And then in situ on The Buzztastic Website

How To Hit The Creative Jackpot

With that return to lockdown, I got into sharing more about the creative process I work to. In this episode back in April I shared how you can use these methods to hit a creative jackpot in your business too.

I split myself into 3 to explain this:

  • Professional Laura
  • Creative Cat Laura as well as my usual role of
  • Presenter Laura.

And what about Michelle’s Branded Headshots 2021?

As restrictions began to ease again, I loved being able to support client Michelle Lucherini with an increased sophistication to her brand for her Operations Consultancy Business.

And Here Are Some Of Her Final Images

And Then In Situ On The Michelle Lucherini Website

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Don’t forget.

If you’re feeling ready to get back to your delayed brand photography plans. Let me help you get your next session back into your schedule following lockdown restrictions. F

ind out how I approach all my shoots here.

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