What About My Chin Line in Photos?

Headshots Chin Line

The Real-Life Question on Chin Line in Photos

The Real Answer

Hey everyone its Laura Pearman, and this is another Laura Pearman Vlog.

I hope you’re all doing spiffing today. I have another really interesting question about headshots this time it’s from Geoff Nicholson host of the Success IQ Podcast.

So this is a really common area of questions that I get from people when they’re either procrastinating about getting a headshot taken or when we’re in the planning stages of doing a headshot session.

Chin Line in Photos Hang-Ups & Where They Stem From

Everyone has their chin line in photos hang-ups.  So I have a really round face, I’m really paranoid about my chin and jowl area a little bit like Geoff there and people can be paranoid about all kinds of weird areas on their bodies. This comes from a lack of self-confidence or maybe you’ve had..
I don’t know, maybe your parents told you that you had a certain area of your body that wasn’t perfect.

I don’t know maybe it’s from partners maybe it’s just because we are surrounded by fashion and magazines that tell us how imperfect we are all the livelong day!  Anyway, there’s a couple of ways we can get around this. First one is to just say “to hell with all that noise I don’t need to hear that shit I’m sick of it, up yours!” So yeah that’s great and we can all do that on a regular basis.  We can stay away from all of that stuff in the world and we can ignore all of that.

But let’s face it even the most confident people in the world like top models in the world can’t do that a hundred per cent of the time. So when you can’t kill it in confidence completely you can cheat the system.

Cheating The System

Now cheating the system with your chin line in photos comes with a little bit of skill. It also comes with angles and light and shadows and any great professional photographer will teach you how to do those cheats.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model, but in the glory days of that show she used to come up with all kinds of great phrases like the “booty tooch” and great things about how you move your body depending on the way that you erm you want to accentuate something you push that piece of your body towards the camera you want to hide something you move away from the camera, so when you’re on a session with a good photographer somebody who can communicate well with you they will give I and Geoff were talking about hiding his chin or he was worried about his round face I would teach you about how you’re going to hold your chin and the ways that we’re gonna move your head when we do your headshots.

So poses like this obviously not going to help you, whereas poses like this are really really going to help you and your chin line in photos.  Now interestingly when you’re not used to having your picture taken the way that you hold your body feels mega uncomfortable but when you’re used to posing in front of the camera you kind of get into these weird positions and you know that it’s going to look good.

Spotting Someone Schooled in Posing For Their Body Type

When you’re standing next to somebody who does that you like “dude what the frig are you doing that looks really weird” but then when you see it translate onto the camera like “oh! I see what you’re doing now” So after you’ve had a few of these little bits of training, you kind of get you get the rhythm of it.

It’s just like when you’re learning how to do a professional speaking or if you were learning how to control your voice and the volume and tone of your voice if you were talking on a podcast so Geoff maybe we could do a little trade-off you could teach me how to control the volume of my voice if I was to be a guest on your the podcast and I could teach you how to control chin when we do your headshots session.  So I hope that’s been really helpful or a little bit helpful if you have any more questions you can send them to me on any social media channel or you can just leave a comment just down here…
Ok, guys thank you very much that’s all for today.  See ya

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