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Christine’s Headshots at Media Influence Live

July 9, 2018

Meet My Client!

Christine Clayfield is an author.  She has written a wealth of non-fiction business books.  Now, she is taking a step into the world of novels with the release of her book No Fourth River.  She wanted some fresh personal branded headshots that would support her move.


How We Met

I met Christine through Janet Murray’s recent Media Influence Live event.  As official photographer for this conference, Christine got to know me as one of the delegates.

Janet Murray

Janet is going to be hosting another event later on this year.  To get all of your content planned out in the right way for 2019, you need to be at Content Live!  See ya there!



Author Headshots

Christine’s existing headshot is formal.  This time she wanted to capture something more relaxed and casual.


The Planning

Unlike my usual headshots packages, I worked on developing a specific headshots service for the Media Influence Live delegates with Janet in the run up to the event.  Christine chose to shoot with me in one of my quicker services, inside The Trampery, where Media Influence Live was happening.

Author Headshots


Christine’s Headshot Session

After the first day of Media Influence Live came to an end, it was time for Christine and I to shoot.

The Trampery, London

The Trampery is a wonderfully quirky space.  It’s pure Hoxton!  I instantly found some great nooks and crannies around the building to set up for Christine’s headshot.

Author Headshots

Great colour in the boardroom.

Author Headshots

We both loved this textured cork wall.

Author Headshots

You can see we went with a Black and White option on some of Christine’s final shots.  The reason for this was twofold.  Christine has a scar that is pertinent to her story in No Fourth River, and I felt that black and white would show this in a more defined way.  The other reason for doing this is to support publishers.  Authors and writers always need to have great black and white versions of their headshots to be used in book inlays.  On a lot of occasions this is the preferred format of an “about the author” synopsis.  Take a look at a nearby book in the first couple of pages and you will see instantly what I mean.

Christine’s Edit & Retouch

Christine decided that she would like to pick her own photography.  To ensure that we got this exactly right we made her a VIP online gallery space where she was able to select which of her headshots were her most favourite.  From this we worked on the final collection and agreed that some black and white versions would be perfect for her author inlays on any future books.


Extra Thanks To

I would officially like to thank The Trampery for being so accommodating on this session.  Next time I’m in London this is where I’m working from.  Take a look at their upcoming events.

The Trampery, London

Author Headshots 

Through Client Eyes

I asked Christine to tell you about what stood out for her on this shoot.  Here’s what happened:


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