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Meet My Client!

Christine is a social media strategist.  She is based in New York.  Christine is serious fun on social media.  She was one of the Top Tweeters at Social Media Marketing World this year.  She’s quick fire!  We recently shot together to capture some Turbo San Diego Headshots.  Here’s what happened.

San Diego Headshots with Christine Gritmon, this is her Twitter Profile


Shooting At Social Media Marketing World 2018

I met Christine at #SMMW17 and then in the run up to #SMMW18 we re-connected on Twitter.  After hitting it off like wildfire, Christine decided to book me for a Turbo Headshot session during Social Media Marketing World to capture her time there.  You can get your tickets for next year here.



San Diego Headshot, Christines Official Headshot, shot by George Pejoves
Shot by George Pejoves


The Turbo Planning

To plan this session, I knew straight away from Christine’s style and vibes that we would be shooting at The Gaslamp District.  You’ll see why in a mo.

San Diego Headshot, Christine Gritmon featured on her website landing page


 Planning Turbo Takeaways

From the quick planning that I did with Christine, a quick and concise wish list developed that included some key factors.  I knew that it was crucial to involve and include the following factors in the San Diego Headshot Shoot:

  • This was to document her time in San Diego. Not necessarily replace existing headshot.
  • We wanted to add more narrative to her established brand.
  • Lots o’ Fun, Lots o’ Energy!


Christine’s Turbo San Diego Headshot

Shoot day was fabulous.  I had planned a couple of little routes around Gaslamp going on the method of strolling and shooting.  I love to do this especially with clients I haven’t gotten to know wellyet.  Walking around and chatting is like having a meeting, mastermind, giggle all the while we’re taking pictures.

Here’s a song to get playing whilst you read the rest of this blog.  I think it sets the tone well.


Rendezvous at Blo

The US Blow Bar is far more established than our UK counterparts.  Blo is a US Wide Chain.  Next time you are stateside, go get yo hair fixed!

In dappled morning light for Christine's San Diego Headshot by Laura Pearman

With fresh bounce to the locks we went straight into some dreamy morning light.  A tree was casting this gorgeous dappled effect on the wall.  This made our first backdrop.


Doing yoga in the middle of the street, Christine Gritmon holds tree pose in San Diego Gaslamp District for her headshots session with Laura Pearman

Further down the street we were delinquents and we played right in the middle of the road.  It was SO WORTH IT

Perching upon a fence outside a restaurant in San Diego Gaslamp District. Christine is so much fun to capture San Diego Headshots with says Laura Pearman Photography


Having a Lamp post moment in San Diego Headshots with Christine Gritmon Social Media Strategist - Shot By Laura Pearman Photography


Christine Gritmon showing her New Yorker Status in her San Diego Headshot by Laura Pearman Photography



Christine’s Batman Red Vibes n Style

On seeing a mural of Blondie we had to stop and set up a quick laptop moment.

A Batman Logo encrusted laptop moment of christine at gaslmap district in San Diego for her headshots with Laura Pearman Photography


We then headed to the harbour and looked for more of an open space to play around with.  Just nearby to the Exhibition Centre, there are the train lines that run the San Diego Red Trolley which happens to be RED (obvs).

We did a practice catwalk sashay – which I have to say Christine was a natural at!  Then, when the time was right we got this beauty of the train being controlled by Christine’s Social Media Strategist Powers.

Walking with powerful San Diego Trains, Christine walks in tandem with the Red Trolley for her San Diego Headshot by Laura Pearman Photography



Extra Thanks To

Huge thanks to the boys who introduced us in the first place.

Andrew and Pete, UK

Andrew and Pete introduced us in a super quick chat at SMMW17.  They then refreshed our connection in the run up to SMMW18.  Thanks guys.  You were totally right, we hit it off and all of the house burned right down on this San Diego Headshot session.

Christine won their infamous blow-up Alien in their talk at this year’s Social Media Marketing World.

Andrew and Pete introduced us


Blo Bar, San Diego California

Huge thanks to the ladies of Blo Bar.  You were great with all of the insta-stories capturing and pre-shoot chatter when we were there.


San Diego Headshots Blo Bar was our rendez vous



Through Client Eyes

Christine blew apart my existing current client feedback set up you guys.  I thought that I had things down to party, but this girl was INSANE!


She did this live reveal on Twitter:



And then…. She STILL had this to say:


What About You?

Shall we Shoot in San Diego?

I’ve already opened up my waitlist for social media marketing world 2019.  If you want to shoot with me then please fill in your details and I’ll be in touch as soon as early bird bookings are available.

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