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Chris Marr Professional Speaker Headshots Photography at MarketEd.Live

October 2, 2018

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How We Met

I met Chris in 2016, when he came down to Newcastle from Scotland to talk about the Content Marketing Academy and to share news of one of his many live events. I felt like a right knob, because as I was talking to him my quiff fell out, so I had to like shake his hand and keep flicking my hair.  

Shoot forward then to 2017, I went up to Scotland to my very first CMA Live event and I really loved it. I loved the vibe there, I learnt so much about content marketing and it was great to see what Chris had created.  

Having agreed then to be the official photographer at the 2019 Marketed Live, I was thrilled to see that Chris was on the speaker line-up. After reaching out to him, he shared that he did, in fact, need some up to date speaker headshots and he had some really cool ideas about what he wanted captured.  

Trend Prediction

As a professional speaker, Chris is really passionate about interacting with his crowd. So, he wanted me to be out in the crowd, ducking and diving and following him as he was talking to people in the audience with the microphone in his hand. Now, I think that this is a trend prediction. We’re gonna see more and more professional speakers requesting capturing this angle of interaction and audience reaction to what it is that they’re talking about. Maybe this is something you should think about, if you’re planning on levelling up your professional speaker portfolio this year.  




Market.Ed Live, Nottingham Contemporary

If you’d like to get some information on the event this year, you just need to head to MarketEd.Live and you’ll be able to find all of the information you need to buy your tickets. The event this year is happening on September 30th, so, I’ll see you there.  




A great big thank you to the guys who are on the event team over at Nottingham Contemporary. You are such a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for being so accommodating and how cool is this signpost?  



image of Nottingham Contemporay signpost– can you get from their website – insert link to website 


Chris’s Speaker Headshot Session

Let’s take a look at the results from Chris’ Speaker Headshots session 



When in the crowd, Chris has a chat with different delegates and he gets them to answer their own questions. It’s a really cool way of being a professional speaker, who engages the crowd quite literally.  




Now how rockstar is this photograph? I love it. So, that was really dramatic lighting there and I can see Chris getting a lot of use out of this shot because of that black background, you can go wild with text overlays.  




Scale shots remain to be a crucial crop to have in your speaker portfolio. It shows the size of the crowd that you can command. What I love about this, though, is that powerful lighting. Your eyes go straight to Chris on stage.  

What About You?

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