Common Branding Mistake. Aiming for Brand Omnipresence.

Watch This Episode of MwahTV Where I'm Exploring The Common Branding Mistake. Aiming for Brand Omnipresence.

In this episode of Mwah TV I’m breaking down a common branding mistake and this time that mistake is aiming for total Brand Omnipresence. This can be such a tall order to try and achieve with a smaller business. When you spread yourself too thin results are rarely going to be big and profitable.

Let’s get into this! Are you ready?

If you have always wondered if trying to be everywhere online is really the best idea to increase your brand recognition, then by the end of this episode you will have 3 new ways of re-framing your reasoning about aiming for brand omnipresence. Omnipresence means present everywhere. When this comes to branding, that often means being fully active on all social media platforms.

The solution to this is often different from business owner to business owner so today I’m going to help you figure this out.

Common Branding Mistake. Aiming for Brand Omnipresence. Why Is This Common?

It’s normal to take inspiration from bigger brands when it comes to building up our presence online for our small businesses.

Or we see another business that is more mature than us and has this huge impressive social media following. So, we think ARGH! I must be more like them to make my brand bigger, so I’ll post everywhere all the time and try to seem as big as they are as fast as I can.

It has been proven more and more that social media is an addictive part of our culture. Becoming a victim of this addiction is incredibly easy when you justify “yeah but this is for business”. Over time that can affect your business success, lifestyle, and overall mental health.

So many people assume that having a brand just means being on social media. This is simply not what branding is. Social media is a small part of articulating a brand. Being on a platform is a single touchpoint of your brand. There are scores of other types of touchpoints that you can use in how you build your brand.

The strategic part of branding is determining which online and offline touchpoints will work best to grow your business the most profitably and with the most longevity.

What happens when you keep on aiming for brand omnipresence?

Don’t forget that large multi-national corporates have a whole full-time department of people dedicated to maintaining a brand presence on different social platforms and across the internet.

That’s people PLURAL who work all day every day 9 to 5 just to do social media.

We know as small business owners that running a social media department is just one of many different departments we run often alone. Even when we get to the point of being able to pay for support from junior members of staff or a virtual team, everyone still needs direction from you.

When you look at it this way, you can quickly see that continually pushing for omnipresence means you’re taking away from time spent on something more important like sales or creating a truly branded experience for your customers.

So, when you keep on ignoring this logic and instead continue to focus on trying to be everywhere, you are de-prioritising working on the activities needed to grow your business faster and affirm your brand in more profitable ways.

Common Branding Mistake. Aiming for Brand Omnipresence. How to overcome it. 6 ways to get started.

1. Understand that social media is a small part of building a brand.

Creating your own piece of the internet on your own domain is exactly what having a website is all about. Social media is always going to be rented property. Use it to drive traffic to where prospects can come and learn more in-depth about you as well as buy from you.

There are lots of other ways to build up your search engine optimisation beyond social media:

  • You can be a guest on another popular show,
  • You can create your own primary content,
  • Appear in highly performing directories,
  • Review sites,
  • Build a presence in other memberships,
  • Get online press coverage,
  • Buy ads,
  • Build a powerful email list.

The list goes on and on.

2. Consider where you like to be. Then re-frame it.

This is where a LOT of business owners get stuck. They lean too strongly on creating social media presence in the place they personally prefer to hang out. This is important, you don’t want to be miserable online, it is important to create a little fun with it to increase your consistency. But this leads me quickly onto my next point.

3. Consider where your Customer likes to be. Then re-frame it.

Doing the research and validation to confirm where your ideal customer

hangs out the most on social media is crucial to make sure your brand appears where they are. Don’t just make the common assumption that your customer is where you are because you made your customer like you. Really do the

work to prove your hypothesis. Then if the results show something different, do the work to learn more about the new alternative platform to make sure any work you dedicate to that pays off.

4. Embrace re-purposing to your less important platforms.

You don’t have to totally avoid other platforms. Instead of dedicating a lot of time to being everywhere, you can create processes that enable you to quickly repurpose the content you made in a primary way like on your own blog, podcast or YouTube Channel into posts as optimised as possible for your most important social media platform to your less important platforms. If you’d like to know how I re-purpose my social media, you can copy my approach to this. I made this episode here that breaks this down into simple steps. I’ll put a link to that below in the show notes for you too.

5. Consistently measure traction.

Making the point of measuring how your social media efforts really pay off in new customers and sales monthly will give you the facts and figures you need to determine if your efforts are paying off for you, or, if it’s time to consider changing things up a little bit.

6. Be open to new trends of behaviour. Then re-frame it.

The final way of mixing up your reasoning is to always be open to how the landscape of social media is ever changing. As time marches on your buyer habits will change. With the option of new platforms coming out this makes the world of social media constantly in flux. This makes it almost inevitable that you will need to adapt how your business shows up online many times over time. The minute you dismiss a new opportunity is the same minute you force your brand into the realms of being a luddite. That being said, rushing ahead to every new thing that pops up onto the horizon is also not the most strategic option either. You must get the balance right for you in response to how your ideal customer changes their view on how they want to use social media, the metaverse and the internet as a whole.

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Common Branding Mistake. Aiming for Brand Omnipresence. What are the benefits for your business?

The benefits of getting more of a pinpoint focus on how you are pro-actively building your brand presence are enormous. Doing this will:

  • Give you more time to do the things that matter and let go of the things that you know don’t yield results.
  • Make you more astute about how your brand presence changes over time based on facts and figures, not just intuition and personal preference.
  • Make you happier and more excited about being creative in a way that you know works.
  • Mean you show up more to your ideal customers.
  • Increase quality enquiries.
  • Build your SEO.

Cut costs on procrasti-branding.

Timestamps for this Episode of #MwahTV

00:00 - Episode Starts

00:37 - Bloopers

01:40 - Why this is SO Common

04:24 - What will happen if you keep ignoring this?

06:17 - How to overcome this. 6 Ways.

12:50 - An Invite

13:18 - What will happen when you tackle this?

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