Common branding mistakes working without a brand identity system

Watch This Episode of MwahTV Common branding mistakes working without a brand identity system

In this episode of Mwah TV it is time for more common branding mistakes. When you are working without a brand identity system you are going to come a cropper in several ways. Today let’s run a quick sense check on what you have and together we can overcome any issues we identify going on in your business right now.

What Goes Into A Brand Identity System?

If you have always wondered what should be in your brand identity system, or if you are not even sure what this is, then by the end of this episode you will know what is potentially missing in your system or be on track to tackling the best way to go about building a brand identity system.

Why Is It Common To Work Without A Brand Identity System?

Working without a brand identity system is a common branding problem.

Perhaps till now, you never saw this as something you needed to grow your brand in the first place.

You're On A Consistency Journey

It might be that you haven’t yet appreciated the importance of maintaining precise consistency with things like colour, negative space, typography, and layout rules.

You Think You Have It (But You Don't)

Most business owners I work with have been issued with a simple high-level branding style sheet when they got a graphic designer to make your logo for them. You thought this was all you needed to be able to get your branding done.

Your Money Mindset Needs More Work

You are stuck in a scarcity mindset way of thinking about what it takes to build your business. You think that this is an unnecessary expense that you can’t afford.

Spending money on anything feels like a waste to you.

But the problem here is that you don’t understand why this is important or carries any risk. Another off-shoot from this is where people take a fully DIY approach to their graphic design.

When you don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t know what a brand identity system is, or why you need one.

Be Honest

Be honest with me now.

  • Where are you in your knowledge of a documented brand identity system?
  • Have you heard of this before?
  • Have you skipped over it in your brand-building efforts so far?

What Will Happen If You Ignore Working With A Brand Identity System?

When you choose to ignore working without a Brand Identity System you are inadvertently creating these problems:

Creating Mistrust

If you’re eyeballing your approach to design in your branding touchpoints, you are being inconsistent. Lots of little inconsistencies jar the eye, and this can have damaging effects of confusion and mistrust about your brand.

Reducing Understanding

Forcing the eyes to dart around to try and develop understanding will cause problems in understanding.

Making the eyes flow over the key information you are trying to deliver will significantly increase customer interpretation and understanding. 

With a full level of understanding, your customer can get to work on deciding how they feel about what you are showing them.

The Wrong Emotions

You want to feel in control of this emotional reaction. You need your leads to interpret and then understand how to buy from you.

Do You Lack Focus in Other Areas?

Your lack of consistency with this visual part of your business may be closely connected to an overall lack of focus on your business.

This could be in your focus on delivering a great service or being unclear about where you want to take your business next, and how you are going to do that.

Reputational Damage

Not looking professional can further damage your reputation.

How To Overcome Not Having A Brand Identity System

If you have done the work in documenting the strategic side of your brand, then my advice to overcome this in your business is to fully de-brief a graphic designer with everything you have so far and invest in some professional expert help on narrowing down what you have into a coherent brand identity system.

This will form its own section of your brand guidelines document.

If You Have Ideas Only

If what you have at this stage are just ideas and thoughts and no documentation of your wider brand strategy.

Maybe you have a big spreadsheet with some business goals on it and that is your Rosetta stone right now, this is a good sign you need to work on the strategy of your brand before worrying about an identity system.

Do You Recognise This?

When you hire any creative supplier and you don’t have the documentation to give them the exact same de-briefing, do not be surprised if what they create for you is way off what you had in your mind’s eye.

Or if none of the work feels like it works together.

In the biz, this is called brand erosion. You don’t want that. It’s a massive waste of effort and money.

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What are the benefits for your business when you Introduce A Brand Identity System?

When you are fully rocking with a brand identity system you can expect:

  • Overall speed and efficiency in your business usually mean faster growth.
  • A united team of suppliers or staff who feel like they are all working toward a shared goal, with the same tools and assets.
  • Improved recognisability by stakeholders.
  • Laser focus on what you need to be concentrating on like those growth plans just mentioned.
  • Renewed vigour and enthusiasm about your business.
  • An improved reputation as a better understood and serious professional player in your marketplace.

Timestamps for this Episode of #MwahTV

00:00 Episode Begins

01:02 Why working without a Brand Identity System is so common

04:02 What will happen if you ignore getting a Brand Identity System

06:09 Ways to overcome not having a Brand Identity System

08:38 Benefits to expect AFTER you get a Brand Identity System

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