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In this episode of Mwah TV, I’m looking at more common branding mistakes you should avoid. This time marketing with no brand.

If you have always wondered what the real differences are between branding and marketing, then by the end of this episode you will know why I always advise that branding must come BEFORE you can expect any marketing efforts to pay off for you and your business.

Why Is This Common?

Suppose you’re not 100% sure what the real differences are between marketing and branding. In that case, it makes sense when I suggest that it’s this gap in knowledge that leads so many business owners to rush ahead on the marketing part of building a business.

Sadly, if you have done this yourself, you probably have learned the hard way that this shortcutting doesn’t yield very big or long-term results. Everyone wants to shortcut it because they are so focused on getting as quick as possible sales into their business.

Maybe you think that posting on social media is what your branding needs to be all about. If you just had 10 thousand followers, all your problems would be solved.


Record Screetch!

Nope, that is not branding.

  • That is a single form of online marketing.
  • That should be working alongside your online marketing plan.
  • That is a part of your overall marketing plan.
  • That is informed by your brand.

What Happens When You Keep on Marketing without a Brand?

Big branding problems arise when you stick to focusing or following just marketing tactics over a significant period beyond the initial scrappy start-up phase. Problems like:

  • Not knowing your ideal customer.
  • Inconsistent sales.
  • Lack of clarity about the most effective way to focus marketing and sales efforts and expenditure.
  • They are not standing out in contrast to the competition.
  • No reliable customer loyalty.
  • Getting lost in trending tactics and being unable to distinguish what trends you should avoid.

Ignore it for even longer...

Left even longer and you’re going to experience feeling a sense of malaise and disenchantment about why you began your business in the first place.

How to Overcome Marketing Without a Brand Problems

I have one big action you need to take to begin overcoming marketing with no brand.

And that is to book some time out with yourself and think hard about the following:

  • Why did you begin your business in the first place? If you bought the business or inherited it, think back to your outlook at the beginning of your role as a business owner. Can you note down what your goals were?
  • Next, I want you to think about the world in a bigger sense beyond just your business making money. What issues matter the most to you?
  • Then think about the impact you want to leave through your business. What legacy do you want to leave behind you in your wake when your working days are over?

Why These Questions Work

These are great angles to consider for your business in. They form the first parts of developing your business into a branded business of our time, that will matter to your ideal people in a deeply emotional way.

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What are the benefits for your business when you Brand first?

With a documented brand you give yourself the gift of efficient creative structure. This makes the creation of Marketing and PR plans a lot easier.

Which makes your planning a lot easier. So you can implement the right trends and tactics you know will work for your business when it comes to considering a single social media post.

This narrows your focus so that you can work less to create a deeper and long-lasting impact with your brand.

The Power of Delegation

All of this activity becomes a lot more delegate-able too. I’m talking about marketing hires like:

  • Social Media Managers,
  • Community Managers,
  • Ads Specialists,
  • Email Marketing Experts

and branding touchpoint hires like:

  • Graphic Designers,
  • Illustrators,
  • Sound Experts,
  • Photographers,
  • and website designers.

And The Feeling of Freedom

When they all work from the same documented branding framework you can remove yourself from being the bottleneck in your business and that will give you more time to lead instead of micro-manage.

The benefits are literally endless!

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Timestamps for this Episode of #MwahTV

00:00 Episode Begins

00:39 Why is Marketing without any branding such a common problem?

02:00 Are you this person?

02:56 What will happen if you keep on doing Marketing without any branding?

03:18 Big Branding Problems

04:14 How to overcome Marketing without any Branding

04:44 Key Questions to get started

05:55 Get My Help

06:41 Benefits of rectifying Marketing without any Branding

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