Common branding mistakes you should avoid. Forgetting the 3 R’s

Watch This Episode of MwahTV About Common branding mistakes you should avoid. Forgetting the 3 R's

In this episode of #MwahTV, I’m looking at more common branding mistakes you should avoid. This time forgetting the 3 R’s which stand for:

Recognise – or Brand Recognition

Recall – how much your customers can recall your brand

Revere – if your brand carries reverence. That means respect and admiration for your brand.

If you have always wondered how effective the work you have put into creating and building your brand is, then by the end of this episode you will have a stronger handle on how brand strategists like me measure this.

Let’s stop throwing hope and prayers into the wind and get you using your data and findings to eliminate the guesswork.

Why is forgetting the 3 R's a common branding problem?

Like I said at the beginning of this episode, this is absolutely a common branding mistake. A lot of people forget to pay attention to the 3 Rs of their branding.

I think this comes down to a few reasons.

  • That the measurement part of branding strategy feels like the less sexy side of it.

And that means that the louder voices on this topic tend to avoid creating content like this, so it can feel like this is something not spoken about.

  • And that can mean that many people didn’t even know that this is a thing or an important part of getting strategic with your branding efforts.
  • On the face of it, it’s easy to dismiss this type of analysis as busy work.

When you are stuck on churning anything out in more of a scattergun way you lose sight of your focus and breaking out from that spiral can be difficult.

What happens when you ignore the 3 R's?

When you leave your 3 R's unattended:

You’re going to forget to measure anything.

You are leaving fact-based judgements in the dark.

This means that your decision-making in your marketing and brand efforts will become far too emotional. If you’re having a bad day judgement will be clouded by that.

It might be that in ignoring this in your business:

You're stuck in a cycle of spinning your wheels.

Trying new thing after new thing when instead, maybe a slight tweak in the work you’re doing would have made a huge impact.

The Inconsistency Trap

Inconsistencies can get out of control quickly when it comes to building a brand. This can start to blur your chances of developing any of your 3 R’s.

When you ignore this, you are also ignoring developing a clear insight into your customers' minds. You will never know what to do more of or how to refine things to heighten customer experience.

And that can lead to problems with forging long-term customer loyalty.

4 helpful high-level ways to get started on tackling this problem in your brand.

  1. Create regular points of feedback in your operating processes to ensure you are giving current customers every opportunity to tell you what they like, and what they want you to develop and change. There are lots of ways to do this but you can get started by getting a visual of all of your customer-facing processes.
  2. Start to embrace the power of measuring Brand Awareness. My top 3 way to do this include measuring the growth of direct traffic to your website, tracking backlinks, and creating opportunities for surveys & polls as a part of your annual marketing plan.
  3. You can initiate recognition of your brand by being intentional about your more subliminal touchpoints. Pairing a single emoji with all your DM’s, creating a brand sound, and regularly using a small collection of branded lingo words. When used consistently they will form a memory connection synonymous with your brand for your audience, stakeholders, and customers.

The right kind of listening activities supports the measurability of both Marketing and PR plans. Being intentional in doing the right kinds of actions to get other people speaking of your brand in a favourable way builds that reverence over time. This is a long-term plan that yields slowly. But it’s worth the slow efforts because it packs a serious punch. It has major power.

Amanda Webb Referenced This here

Beloved client Amana Webb from Spiderworking wrote this article for Agorapulse talking about how strategic use of emojis can support brand recall on social media.

Digital Marketing Speaker Amanda Webb Spiderworking 8991 - Shot By Laura Pearman Creative

She even mentioned my use of the Kiss emoji. 💋

Overhaul Your Brand In One Day

If you like the idea of getting your brand into more of a recognisable and revered position that a growing audience is able to recall when they think of your niche or expertise, I can help with that.

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The benefits for your business when you tackle your 3 R's

Well, in short, the benefits of doing this in your business are vast. Recognition, recall & reverence carry huge benefits for your business.


You're going to proactively improve Customer Loyalty to Your Brand. This can make sales forecasting more reliable. If you are stuck in a famine and feast cash flow this can solve a LOT of added stress.

Accelerated Word of Mouth

Positive Word of Mouth Marketing from the right people can take a business into a period of dramatically increased sales, and reputation and secure a powerful position in a marketplace. A lot of businesses rely on just this alone.

Engaged Team

Engaged Employees reduce the stress of staff churn. Finding ways to foster brand advocacy and representation in any workforce affects productivity and really strengthens the reverence factor.


Doing this work will improve your chances of being associated with your service or product. This ensures that your position in your marketplace remains yours in a permanent way.

Razor-Sharp Edge

If you work in a field that is notoriously bad at this, you will establish a serious competitive edge. This is a great idea for any brand that wants to be regarded as a disruptor or is going after that legacy level of change in their business.

Next-to-Free Advertising

All of the ways to tackle this that we just covered can be one of the best kinds of free advertising. When you compare this, it’s a lot cheaper to pull off. And results from it are much more reliable. That can feel less risky especially when you are on a budget and cant afford to throw money at ad testing and refinement.

Swifter & Bigger Cash-Out

Working on this in a regular way will dramatically increase the value of your business when it comes to executing your exit plan. If this is even just a dot on your horizon, it is well worth considering now.

Timestamps for this Episode of #MwahTV

00:00 - Episode Starts

00:54 - Bloopers

03:17 - Why forgetting the 3 R’s in your brand is a Common Branding Mistake

06:08 - When you ignore Brand Recall, Brand Recognition and Brand Reverence

07:04 - How to add the 3 R’s to your Brand

13:15 - The Key benefits of having Brand Recall, Brand Recognition and Brand Reverence

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