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Look, I’m not going to be right for everyone. That’s impossible. Even kittens make some people sneeze.

But when I find someone I really want to work with, we go on to do amazing things together. Here’s a good way of knowing if that will be us.  If you get that feeling, let’s get in contact.

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If you’re not scared to try something new.

Or even better: if you are scared, but you damn well do it anyway.

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If you’re an aesthete.

If you’re massively into beautiful things.

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If you’re willing to laugh at yourself.

And laugh at me.

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If you’re true to your word.

Loyalty will be honoured, treasured and repaid.


In order to bring back more cocktails to my life, I open my schedule WITH COCKTAILS on most Tuesdays.  If you would like to book in some time to have an initial contact conversation about photography, your headshots or your branding plans, then this is where you need to do that.


Pick up the phone to: +44 7535 625 675, email:, or use the contact form below.2