Let's Make Your Next Idea Stand Out For All The Right Reasons.

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Let's Imagine Your Next Creative Direction Project Is Full Blast With

Your Rockstar Confidence

About your creative direction.

There is nothing quite like that feeling of confidence in your convictions that your next big project WILL work. Knowing that what you have up your sleeve is going to delight your target audience and set tongues wagging in your industry is your quest right now. Like Roger Daltry dashing onto the pitch-black stage. Leaping into the air to wow the arena as the lights come on and the first few chords of Won’t Get Fooled Again ring out.

This is not smugness, it’s rockstar confidence.

And who doesn’t want that feeling?

But, Maybe You're Feeling More Like This?

Unfortunately for you, when you think about the event you want to host, or that new series of content you want to produce, or the next BIG project you want to pull off, you feel like you’re drawing a creative direction blank. You know exactly how you want to feel. You have a good idea of how this is going to earn you money. But the magic sparkles, the unforgettable rockstar feels?

They’re missing for you, or they're in a jumbled mess stuck in your head.

Meets Imposter With A Sore Head

...and a Bruised Heart

You tried writing everything out. You may have gone wild on the whiteboard. Or lined your vision out in colour-coded post-it notes.

But there are still big gaps in how your vision is going to turn into a reality. This feeling is totally common. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s NORMAL. It’s the main reason more incredible creativity doesn’t happen. You see, the idea phase is where almost everybody gives up. This doesn’t mean you have a problem with your ideas. It’s a problem with your Creative execution.

And for that, you need Creative Direction.

creative direction

Any Of These Creative Direction Issues Sound Familiar?

Most people I work with in any kind of Creative Direction capacity come to me with these kinds of problems:

this is the new one for 2021

Creative Block

This can happen to all of us and it stops us at different stages in our journey.

this is the new one for 2021

Getting Going

They have no idea how to begin their creative quest.

this is the new one for 2021


We can all have doubts about what is realistically possible for us.

this is the new one for 2021

Tried & Failed

Sometimes it feels natural to give it all a bash on your own. But after beginning, hitting blocks can halt your progress.

this is the new one for 2021

Logistical Nightmares

Experiencing logistical nightmares can really make your brain hurt and make your heart feel a little bit bruised at having had the audacity to try.

this is the new one for 2021


It's ok when you feel lost in your thoughts. Feeling pulled in different directions and drowning in ideas.

Your Spotlight Is Waiting

You know deep down that your original vision felt electrifying. It gave you the creative sparks shivers (I love those). You want to feel powered by that same delightful electricity, all the way to your goal.

You need to be able to re-focus on what gives you the creative sparks. The reinforcement of creative direction that is measurable helps that focus. Creating good measurements for you will get you into that cycle of creating your vision over and over again without the messy anguish and last-minute traumas that pull you down. This ends up leaving you needing a couple of days to recover in bed.

You And Your Vision

Owning your power and innate skills as a visionary or the leader of your pack feels life-affirming. Being exactly who you are and doing what you do best is truly the way to work and life happiness. It’s time to delegate the bits you are not so good at to make more time for what you are born to be.

creative direction

I'm Ready To Help You, Step Aboard Your Private Tour Jet

Jet Set Creative Direction

Return to our make-believe story with me for a second...

As you’re reclining on your water bed aboard the Personal Tour Jet (with your brand name on it by the way) you want to have a special confidant who you can air your grievances to, someone who you can rely on to note down those snippets of lyrics, someone to straighten out that annoying groupie.

That’s me in this fantasy. That’s what I bring as a Creative Direction partner to your business.

Peace Of Mind

That you are not alone in trying to get your creative quest off the ground, executed and delivered on time and to budget.

Not Alone

Feeling like you are part of a team - your rock band, backing dancers, and crew if you will? Creative Collaboration at its finest.


Years of practical creative experience and know-how at your disposal. You don’t have to know all the answers anymore.


Comfort in delegating out the bits you hate or the bits you know you are not naturally good at.


A fresh pair of eyes to help see the obvious in a whole new light. Turn your vision into reality.

Are You Ready To Step Into The Creative Direction Spotlight?

Feeling and imagining...

That you feel ready to be the leader of your own destiny, at the forefront of your vision.

Just like you want to feel like you can look out from the cockpit of that personal tour jet and rely on a whole team of people to help you get to where you want to go quicker and with less effort.

You no longer need to worry about learning how to fly or even how to build the plane by yourself.

creative direction

Being The Lead Singer Of Your Vision

Means Do What You're Good At With All Your Energy & Time

Clients Who Have Experienced My Creative Direction Services Say

Sally How creative direction


“Laura Pearman is one of the most inspiring creatives. During our Creative Consults, I've felt braver and more confident about who I am and what I'm doing. She's helped me form a plan and steer the direction I'm now heading in my business. 

Laura has a talent for thinking of things that are more creative than others - she's really helped me find myself and amplify my voice. I've begun to redefine my brand and finally feel as though it's bringing out the best in me. If you're wanting help with your creative direction Laura comes highly recommended. I'm really excited to work with her again!.”

Bob Gentle creative direction


“You only need to look at how Laura approaches her content creation to recognise how unique and remarkable she is when it comes to creativity. Both in ideation and then execution.

I thoroughly recommend any small business owner tries out one of her value-packed 121 Creative Consult sessions, it’s a great choice for someone who is on a budget.”

Marie Scroggins creative direction

Marie Scroggins - STUDIO NUMBER 9

“Laura creatively directed a series of promotional Live Shows for us. I’m certainly a creative business owner, and my 20 years of experience is in makeup and hair.

However, when it comes to technical and promotional stuff, my team and I felt like we hadn’t the foggiest!

Laura was amazing at stepping in and helping us to form our rough idea into a highly produced Live Series that went out on Facebook for 6 consecutive weeks. She took our idea and turned it into a show that felt so well produced. Not only that, it was effective at securing more bookings and selling products. She helped to make something nerve-wracking into a fun and memorable experience.”

Even More Clients Say...

Trish McKinnley creative direction

Trish McKinnley - GODESSOLOGY

“Laura has such an incredible power as a true Goddess of Action. She can quickly pick up on the scraps of ideas you have and in no time at all will be able to structure this in a way you couldn’t imagine was possible.

Whatsmore, it's always in a clear step-by-step manageable and realistic set of actions. Truly a unique talent.”

Myra Tomlin-Reed creative direction

Myra Tomlin-Reed - FLIP RUNWAY

“Laura is a creative direction genius. No seriously!

She is able to think of ways to elevate my vision, then she has such an incredible skill at getting so much more out of my team so that they can proudly come back to me with manageable actions based all on my original idea... only SO MUCH better.

I’ve worked with her on the day-to-day creative direction service, and she is always going to be the lady I go to when I have a specific creative event in mind. Book her now whilst you can, you will not be sorry!”

Michelle Lucherini creative direction


“I highly recommend the quicker 121 Creative Consult Service Laura has available.

Every time I am planning out a new promotion or direction for my business a session like this leaves me with so much more clarity and usually a much better idea than I could have ever dreamed up on my own.”

"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Maya Angelou

"Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses."

Lady Gaga

creative direction

Harmonising My Creative Direction Skills To Your Exact Needs

"It's All Happening!"

Your Creative Direction might involve me helping you to execute a single creative project like a stand out event, or making an incredible series of content. You might need more general creative direction support to elevate the overall creativity used to drive your business forward.

Maybe you want more practical Creative Direction to increase the value you feel you are getting from your various creative suppliers who help you in an ongoing way. Perhaps for you, it’s all about pushing the envelope in your industry in a way that no one has ever imagined.

Different Tempo, Different Key

Everything I deliver is bespoke when it comes to Creative Direction services. You need an exact unique blend of my skills and experience for your particular project.

Projects I work on are usually a blend of the following ingredients


In nearly all cases, people come to me with a vision. It may be fully completed and crystalised, or it may be in a fragile beginning state. Either way, pulling the vision you have out of your mind is crucial in turning your creative idea into something that can be directed clearly with you or for you.


Idea generation is a really systematic process - despite it being “pretty creative”. Using my honed discipline in this I help to prove and test many different iterations of an idea to help you get the best version that will be possible to achieve, and that will work to achieve your specific goals.

The Laura Effect

I come into any job with an international list of colleagues from all corners of the creative world. I’ve found as a natural connector this can save a huge amount of time when it comes to procuring the right support for your vision and needs. If I don’t personally know someone who I think can deliver great value for money for your creative idea, I probably know someone who can help us find them.


Ever felt like a huge bottleneck in your business? Getting everything perfect, on time and to a budget can be a royal pain in the derriere - especially when you feel like the one blocking all the progress. Promoting yourself to the CEO of your vision means you can soak up all of the enjoyment of your vision without the hassle and minutiae that comes with the execution of any creative project or journey.


Over the years I have worked with many different creative suppliers. One of the most common frustrations I’ve heard over and over again is how hard these suppliers were to manage or to work with. It’s really not anyone’s fault in a lot of cases, it comes down to lots of different flavours of misunderstanding. Knowing how to get the very best level of work out of creatives is where I really excel. Being the conduit between client-vision and creative output is my happy place.


Often left as an afterthought, especially when the execution side of things turns out to be a 3 headed beast that keeps you awake at night. Knowing your audience, interpreting what they expect and why they expect it is crucial when it comes to truly wow them. You need your idea to work, it needs to have the exact effect you envision. If how you want your audience to feel and behave in response to this is not carefully mapped out and delivered, all of the work in creating can feel like a pointless and expensive waste of time and energy.


The unsexy relation to ANY creative project I’ve ever worked on. Knowing how to measure and define your creative success is something that is rarely included or remembered. You don’t know if you hit a goal if you never really drew the line in the metaphorical sand to begin with. Measurement of how you are perceived, or how well a creative event performed is the data you need to justify your original vision and probably the first thing to look back on if you want to repeat things again further into the future.

So you see, Creative Direction takes many different forms

This makes it next to impossible to have set service packages. Everyone’s creative quest right now is different, and this is why I build my services into a bespoke package designed especially for you.

Before we get into that, I have two ways we can get started.

Two Options To Get Started With Creative Direction

Talk It Through First

When you’re not entirely sure if I’m the right fit for what you’re looking for, or you’re not even that sure of how your vision could become a well-directed creative project, it’s far easier to chat about it over a cyber cocktail together.

Let’s noodle around what's in your mind together over this no obligation fun 30-mins together.

I’ll be able to give you some quick tips and pointers and make some better recommendations on how to push things forward.

Take Action Now

When you are ready to get going right now, The Creative Consult is a good place to start.

You tell me straight off exactly what you’re looking to achieve at the same time as booking in, and I get straight to work for you.

By the time our 2-hour intensive session comes around, I will be ready with some Creative Direction that you can use immediately, and everything we discuss in your consultation is fully documented to make it easier for you to get down to action with or without any additional support from me.

Get Ahead Of Your Timing

Beginning a conversation together about your creative direction can happen at any time subject to my availability stated here.

When we talk about your creative project or vision, I will be able to give you more of an indicator about the current projects I’m working on as well as the future confirmed and unconfirmed commitments in my schedule.

It’s common for me to have annual events booked up to 2 years in advance, so as a rule of thumb, you can never be too over-prepared when it comes to your creative project.

Creative Direction to get you back to your rightful place of top billing, and 'on the cover of a Rolling Stone'.

Frequently Asked Questions About Creative Direction

My Help Doing This On Your Own

If you are sure you want to give things a try on your own first then you might find this playbook called How To Sex Up Your Creativity is useful.

This is my exact process with all creative direction.

Whatsmore, you can use it over and over again on lots of different kinds of projects.

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