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I'm Here To Listen. Not Sell.

The Cyber Cocktail service gives me a simple and straight forward way of meeting new people. I love chatting with new people. I believe strongly that any successful person begins every conversation with the aim to listen and offer help or advice (when it is requested).

You may have some ideas swirling around in your mind about:

  • An appearance,
  • An opportunity for us to work together,
  • A Collaboration idea,
  • Your branding,
  • Your photography
  • or a bigger creative concept.

Maybe you've hit a roadblock or some of those ideas feel a bit knotted up? That is exactly what a Cyber Cocktail is for. Either way a time-efficient getting to know each other session over virtual cocktails is how I like to do this best.

Oh, and it's M.Y.O (Make Your Own Cocktail/Coffee/Beverage)

Why I don't want you at your desk when we talk.

I request that you are not sitting at your desk when we have this meeting.

I specifically schedule these meetings to happen near the end of the day with the idea that you will be able to shut down your computer and get moving around away from your workspace.

This free's the mind up and that helps significantly in seeking out clarity.

In A Perfect World...

You will be mixing up or making a drink that we can then sit down and enjoy together in or time.

Why Is The Cyber Cocktail Service FREE?

I decided to open up my schedule a key times in my working week to make space to simply be here to talk. 

Sometimes you don't know what service is the best fit for what you need in your business. On other occasions, you might not feel ready to go ahead and make a booking, you need to see if we click first.

I've felt this way before when I've been exploring getting different expert help on my goals, and just jumping right in can really put you off. 

Cyber Cocktail Outcomes you can expect

In every single Cyber Cocktail call my main aim is to help you progress further with your goals and ideas. To make this time as effective as possible we will agree on 3 realistic key actions to be taken after we have spoken. I will then follow up with you two weeks later to check-in and find out how you are getting along.

Looking To Source Funding For Your Brand Growth Plans?

I am a registered Provider for NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund helping businesses to improve their competitiveness. Find out more at https://www.nbsl.org.uk/nebsf

What Other Cyber Cocktail Clients Say

Rachael Straughan

"Laura struck me immediately as one of those women who is just full to the brim with confidence.

My jaw literally dropped when she shared her own self-confidence issues with reaching out to influencers and being good on video. I never thought for a second that she was just like me behind the scenes.

So, I decided to book myself in for a Cyber Cocktail to see what suggestions she might have for me at my stage of business. I came away with so many new exciting ideas but the most important thing I got from this was a real injection of practical confidence.

I really feel charged up and dare I say it, I'm raring to just go for it. Thanks, Laura!"


Elaine Parker

"I booked some time in with Laura as I felt as though I was losing my mojo and was struggling for inspiration. I was so impressed with Laura's on-the-spot ideas when I was in a networking session with her that I knew she was the person to give me the kick I needed, and I wanted to book a session with her to get into her brain!

After my Cyber Cocktail, I came away with 3 pages of furiously scribbled down notes. I am a straight shooting direct communicator and I really appreciate that this is also Laura's style. She is so generous with her expertise.

I highly recommend you take advantage of this service and book some time in with Laura. Have a coffee and be ready to take a LOT of useful notes."


Sonia Rutter

"I had some brand positioning questions and thought Laura would be the perfect person to help.

Her quick, no-fuss appointment was perfect and her advice and help were brilliant.  She's an ideas machine and would highly recommend her. "


Ali Aleidan

"I decided to book one of Laura's Cyber Cocktail sessions after seeing a few episodes of #MwahTV on YouTube. I really enjoy the way she brings branding to life and wanted to see if she had some ideas to support my PHD study of how Branding Authenticity has impacted Gen-Z and how they choose to attend different festivals in my home country of Saudi Arabia.

Laura was amazing in this session, she had what felt like hundreds of amazing ideas on how I could do this as soon as the call started.

She has helped me get focussed and I will definitely be crediting her genius in my next 3 years of study. I highly recommend a Cyber Cocktail to anyone who is really ready to have their mind blown!"


If You Don't Know Me Yet

Hi, I’m Laura!

I've worked with hundreds of different types of businesses in the 10 years that I have been in business.

I get a real kick out of connecting people in my network, and I love meeting new people who want to make the world a better place with what they do professionally.

About 6 years ago I felt a little blue that I couldn't maintain a cocktail hour like a true vintage pinup, so I invented The Cyber Cocktail Service to make space for this in my weekly schedule.

Laura - Services2

Hi! I'm Laura Pearman

Creative Director | Brand Strategist | Brand Photographer

Calling Card Mock Up

Appearances, Speaking, Masterclasses & Workshops

I'm a seasoned pro when it comes to all manner of appearances like:

  • Guesting on other people's content.
  • Speaking on a stage in real life to a crowd of people.
  • As a Masterclass Host online and in-person.
  • As a hands-on Workshop Host (mostly in-person).

If you would like to explore blending our audiences the best place to start is by helping yourself to a copy of my latest calling card. You can download that right here.

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