Danielle Klemm’s San Diego Headshots

San Diego Headshots

Meet My Client!

I met Danielle in the run-up to Social Media Marketing World on Instagram.  We chatted about all sorts on meeting face-to-face in the vast halls of the Convention Centre and agreed that for Danielle, it’d be best to go with a Turbo set of San Diego Headshots.  We booked in to do this shoot together the day after the conference wrapped.

Huge Thanks To…

Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World has brought me some of my best business connections and clients.  I would love to see you there next year.  You can buy your ticket for next year right here.

San Diego Headshots
San Diego Headshots
Shot By Carina Mendoza

The Turbo Planning

Due to the fast-paced nature of how we met and quickly consulted (over a smoothie and coffee).  I was so glad I was able to be in a position where I could recommend the right spots of San Diego for Danielle’s session.

I knew from her already beautiful branding that she had a lot of nautical colours and a great “breezy”, “chill” take on web design and branding support.  We had to shoot by the water on the marina!  It was perfect!  Nautical San Diego Headshots!

San Diego Headshots
Shot by Carina Mendoza

Planning Turbo Takeaways

If you’ve ever been to Social Media Marketing World, you’ll know how crazy it is.  It is really full-on day to night experience.  So that Danielle could soak up all of the conference fun and frolics, we decided to schedule this Turbo after things had ended.  We quickly realised that we were staying in the same hotel (the chances!) so we became breakfast buddies for the duration of the conference.  I really loved meeting Danielle each morning, to find out her highlights from the previous day’s adventures.  We could swap notes over eggs and also do some mutual quick pinning for her shoot as well.  Over this time I was able to learn about what was important for Danielle’s San Diego Headshots Shoot:

  • BLUES & NAUTICAL COLOUR A true Cali girl, Danielle has been inspired by the ocean and all of its colours as she formulated the aesthetic of her personal brand.
  • As a website designer and branding expert, Danielle had that refined “DESIGNERS EYE.”  She knew straight away she wanted a sense of herself in some personalised stock-style shots she could play with in use for her business.  I loved this concept!
  • EASY ‘n’ BREEZY. For me, Danielle has a beautiful millennial energy in the way that she show’s up.  She’s open, relaxed and fully aware.  I can totally see how she turns client tech-drama into client love and joy in her approach.  I wanted to shoot that!

Danielle’s San Diego Headshots Turbo Shoot

We had our morning eggs together (like a pair of old ladies) and meandered down towards San Diego Marina.  Just doing this felt heavenly after the frenetic pace of the conference.

Sunday Marina Vibes

As it was a Sunday morning, the area was filled with young families, street food and wild street performers.  Within the busy happy energy, we took a stroll together in no particular pattern and I shot as we went.  We had so much fun looking out for particular talismans akin to Danielle’s branding.  Two creatives playing like kids!

San Diego Headshots
SMMW18 Headshots Service

Playing with the sunlight and shadows and finding just the right colours and linear backgrounds was completely fun.  Goodness only knows what the Sunday morning crowd made of us.

San Diego Headshots
SMMW18 Headshots Service

Believe it of not just behind me in this shot was a huge crowd of families and people passing by and taking a peek at what we were up to.  Danielle is a posing pro (following MANY childhood photoshoots)  so you can 100% believe her “daydream blogging” subtext.  Excellent modelling!

Breezy Blues

This is my most favourite shot from the whole session.  It was like the colours, the light and the mood culminated together for this on-brand moment!

San Diego Headshots
SMMW18 Headshots Service

This was our final set.  Hanging out by the marina waters edge in the run-up to our wrap time.

Through Client Eyes

I asked Danielle to do a quick piece to camera to let you know what she thought about this Turbo Headshots service.  Here’s what happened:

What About You?

If feeling like an easy-breezy turbo is your style and you would like a slice for yourself, you need to know where to go next.

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Shooting In San Diego

If you are not in the UK, or you love the idea of shooting together when I’m on location, you can take a look at my confirmed travel itinerary to make sure our paths cross.

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