Dave Algeo Talks About Building Your Personal Brand Through Headshots

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In the follow-up to my shoot results episode with Dave Algeo on last week’s Mwah TV. We sat down after wrapping on our session to have a bit of a catch-up. Join me and Dave down the pub as we talk about building your personal brand through headshots.

 Taking the time to get more of an understanding of my clients and their businesses is a great way for me to learn about what makes them tick as people. Most importantly though it always results in much better photography. When you have more of a bond with your client there’s more of a sense of trust there and that always results in better headshots.

In case you missed it

Here is a link to last week’s shoot results episode so you can see how the shoot unfolded with Dave.

building a personal brand through branded headshots
My fave from Dave’s recent session with me.

Building Personal Brand Through Headshots

In our last photoshoot, Dave was very focused on developing the brand of the Stressed Guru and being a speaker trainer, but he is now looking to move online and develop more of an online presence and brand. What Dave has realised is that he needs more than just the speaker persona which was kind of only one part of him.

How Dave Sees This

“I struggled with what that actually meant, it was when I had the conversation you… I’m trying to get this so it’s not just the speaker, it’s Dave. Who is Dave? How do I get that across, cause I’m generally quite a reserved person. But obviously the persona of the speaker is me, but it’s like only one version of me”

Dave Algeo

Dave Algeo

That was what really helped the conversation, and, really, you, telling me what I was thinking about. Cause I couldn’t make sense of what I was trying to say. And the point is, I came away with those five areas you would be comfortable sharing, that helps me because being a private person, I need to be clear about the areas that I’m comfortable sharing.

Constructing a Personal Brand

I think this is something that we’re not speaking about enough when it comes to constructing a personal brand. You need to be very methodical when creating your personal brand, I think this is something that we’re not speaking about enough. It’s not stopping yourself from being authentic, but when you’re introverted, you want to have that sense of control, and you can get paranoid about being one of those people who share too much.

5 Topics Within your Personal Brand

I introduced Dave to the concept of  5 topics to be open about. It’s a trick that I’ve got by the way from Yvonne Radley, she has The Dream Life Academy, and she actually works in the fitness and wellness area, but she has a history in journalism. She often says the best way to construct a really robust personal brand that you’re comfortable with is to pick these five subject areas, and those are the five subjects that you have when you go in on detail on. So one of the things she knows. is quite a divisive thing in her world is having a football team. So she said, I will never share who I support online because I don’t want to create crazy enemies. It’s a very passion project, but I’m like that. I don’t wanna share my relationship online, so we’re quite private, me and Thom, in our relationship, so that’s not something you’re gonna see me talking about or posting about. 

 “This five areas of share, just fits straight into my brain, it just works. Outside of the photography, it’s been really helpful in me planning forward on what I’m gonna do with the launch, of de-stressing, insecure, and all of that kind of stuff. Really good”

Dave Algeo

Dave Algeo

Extra Thanks To 

I would officially like to thank  Yvonne Radley for her expert method on building a personal brand.  We chatted about her in this week’s episode. 

Yvonne Radley’s Big Me Up Media & Dream Life Academy 

Remember this 2017 session with Yvonne?

What About You?

If  you want to know what steps to take next in planning your authentically branded headshots why not… 

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