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Dave Algeo, Quirky Branded Headshot Session

June 21, 2019

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If you’re in the midst of transitioning into a personal brand, or you work in the men’s wellness industry, watch this episode of Mwah TV where I’m showing how Dave Algeo, also known as The Stressed Guru, is building a personal brand through branded headshots.

If you’re like Dave, and you specialise in men’s mental health and wellbeing, you might be like him, and thinking about how you can go about presenting the most authentic version of yourself in order to reach your perfect clients.


How We Met

I first met Dave through Andrew and Pete’s in-person Atomic networking, which used to take place here in Newcastle. Now I’ve gone back and had a look, and I think I probably met Dave in and around 2015 or 2016. Dave was very quickly renowned by all of the attendees at this networking event, because he used to bring metaphorical vegetables with him when he was talking about his business. 

Dave is following the trend of going a lot more personal with his brand, so he used to be known as The Stressed Guru, and now this set of shots is about positioning him in the right way, so he’s more Dave Algeo, founder of The Stressed Guru. He’s done a lot of work under that brand, but this is the beauty of having a personal brand, he’s able to shift that and make it a sub-brand over this wider Dave Algeo umbrella. 


You can see how he looked a lot more cooperate in the shoot results from our session that we did in 2016.

Dave’s last Headshots with me in 2016


Ouseburn, Newcastle

Now let’s take a look at my favourite image from this session. Men’s mental health is a tricky subject because it’s still very taboo. Men tend to feel more willing to share only after they know they’re in a safe space to be vulnerable. Dave shares key stress management tips and practical stress management tools throughout all of his work. It’s vital that he shows the world he is a northern man living a real life, with his own stresses, but that he has his stress under control and very well managed. Showing Dave in this down to earth way was my main goal on this session.


My fave from Dave’s recent session with me.

I especially love this shot of Dave in the pub by himself. For me, this could speak to the modern man who is currently experiencing feelings of isolation, or it might jump out at the man who just likes to mull his life over with a pint. As soon as we wrapped, Dave and I sat down to have a good chat about his business.


I love finding great textures with flat colour like this when out on a shoot.  To me its so much more authentic than a flat backdrop in a studio. 


Dave is passionate about journaling and using practical ways to gather his thoughts.  I think this shot captures that part of his expertise really well. 


Extra Thanks To

I would officially like to thank  the following businesses for their support and contribution toward the results of this shoot. 

The Cluny, Newcastle

Thanks so much for letting me film and shoot there! We really appreciate it. 


 The Ship Inn, Newcastle 



Thanks so much for letting me film and shoot there! We really appreciate it. 


Nichola English The Wardrobe Provocateur, Newcastle 

Dave and Nichola regularly work together on his wardrobe.  On this session, Dave was well prepared and ready with a couple of different less-corporate outfits. 


What About You? 

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