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31 August, 2016
8am to 6pm


The Grand Hotel, Tynemouth



#BeachBumPinUps will be happening on Wednesday 31st August 2016.

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Having been hugely inspired by our Cali and Aussie Pin Up sisters, I felt it was time to show off our beautiful coastline along with our bods.  Although we are not famous for our impressive summers, I think UK pinups should celebrate our bodies, and delicious beaches…. come rain or shine.


Whenever I work on-location, I love to befriend new businesses.  There is something beautiful to me about the vintage sense of community.  I love to try and find clever ways to wrap this into a Pin Up shoot.  Not only does it benefit local businesses, it feels great to do.

Tynemouth Surf Co.

Tynemouth Surf School Logo



I couldn’t help but befriend Stephen and the team over at Tynemouth Surf Co. whilst I was out scouting the location for this shoot. They will be supplying us with some vintage boards for Shoot Day.




Lady V London

Lady V London Logo, Official #BeachBumPinUps Announcement


The doll’s over at Lady V London, loved the showreel from our test shoot.  So much so they have said that they are now officially on board to welcome all confirmed pinups to this event with their very own exclusive discount code.  This way you can spring for that ‘new dress feeling’.  Every time you get a compliment on the dress you will be able to say “Oh its from my recent pinup shoot dahling”.

Confirmed Host: Kathryn Kaupa

This time, I wanted the whole theme to be wrapped up in the warm embrace of body positivity.  Look no further than Kathryn Kaupa of Miss Kathryn’s Misstakes.  Kathryn is featured here in the test shots we did, showing off our beautiful coastal location and beauty beach bums theme.  She will also be there on the shoot day to help me run things smoothly and keep you filled with buckets of confidence.


An overview of all of the Press we have had on #BeachBumPinUps

Why not take a look at Kathryn’s Blog? Find out about what it feels like being photographed on a Northern UK beach in a Vintage swimsuit firsthand.

I announce the shoot officially right here.

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The first Facebook Live was on Wednesday 10th August.  It was all about Inspirations behind #BeachBumPinUps

The second Facebook Live was on Thursday 11th August.  It was all about the Services and Ticket Options available for #BeachBumPinUps

The 3rd Facebook Live was on Friday 12th August.  We all chatted about Confidence and how this relates to #BeachBumPinUps