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Let me get you back in the right direction, with some up-to-date content.  You've entered into my site with an old link that is way back in the archives. 

Let's see if we can re-direct you and get you back on track...

Were You Trying To Access One Of My Old Services?

Maybe you were looking to see some old content that I created about my old photography services from days gone by.

Or, maybe you are hoping I'll repeat a service you had from me and you can no longer find it here on my site?

Here is a look at what I do now.

Were You Trying To Download An Old Freebie?

Maybe you were following a link on a favourite podcast or show I was a guest on.

Whilst we are always working hard at Peary HQ to make sure that all of my appearances and the subsequent links associated with an appearance are kept up to date, sometimes things fall through the cracks.

I Still Wanna Hook You Up

There is a good chance that if you are trying to find a freebie and it is no longer available online, I updated it and replaced it with something MUCH COOLER.

Fill in this form and we'll get you sorted on something that fits your needs in a snap.

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