Green Screen Photography for your business with Sam Flynn


This time I’m sharing inter-galactic personal branding photography results with my beautiful client Sam Flynn. We shot green screen photography to achieve these results. Here is the episode:

If you have seen my recent trend series and you’ve been thinking about how you can implement all of the ideas I shared with you, then you’re probably going to LOVE this episode.

Sam Flynn is on the show this week sharing behind the scenes of her recent turbo shoot with me.  We did this just before the Christmas break.


Now what I love about this, is that you can see the practical creative process behind a big idea.  On this episode, you will see a whole wall of green screen that has been used so that it can then be removed in post-production. Let’s get into it, shall we?


I’ve shared a shoot similar to this in the past.  It’s a great way to see exactly why a green screen is used.  This time I’m showing you all the behind the scenes action and the first stages of how the photography was developed in post-production.  If you stick around you will see more from Sam as well as the final results on the next episode.


This was my 394th shoot since setting up my photography business 8 years ago.  I have no idea on how to celebrate my 400th.  If you have any fun ideas do share them below in the comments wontcha?


I met Sam on social, Instagram to be precise.  We started chatting in the DMs and this then led to a Cyber Cocktail chat.

What I loved instantly about Sam is that she is really focused.  She had a very precise goal in mind of launching her new membership Plant Social.  And we pretty much got straight into chatting around ways I could add to her wider vision. 

See more about Sam’s EXCITING New Launch right here.

I love working with really driven entrepreneurs like this.  If you identify as someone who operates in 5th gear then let’s talk about your 2020 vision on a Cyber Cocktail call.  This is purely online and it’s BYO baybee!


I couldn’t resist doing this to give you a bit of a teaser for next week.  Here I’m layering my fave from Sam ‘s collection onto a galactic backdrop.  This is pretty close to what popped into my mind’s eye when we were talking. 

If you were a kid in the early 90s like me I want to know if you can remember a Saturday morning cartoon called Galaxy High?  I watched a couple of episodes of this when I was letting my initial idea grow.  Be warned the theme tune is an earworm!

Ok, so you can see the beauty of shooting like this.  Sam’s designer and web designer are given SO MUCH FREEDOM at how these shots are going to be used.  You can see me altering the scale, we have all the room in the world for Sam to lay a call to action next to her finger like this!

Sky rocketing @SamFlynnSM into outer space with a Green Screen shot by @laurapcreative feat. on #MwahTV Click To Tweet


As soon as we wrapped, Sam and I sat down to have a chat about her new membership business, and the psychology that is often forgotten about in making social media really powerful for an entrepreneur. Tune in again next week to join us.


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