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On Your Headshots

What works, what doesn’t, and why you should go pro

Ready for your closeup? Here’s how a headshot can grow your business and make you money

Back in the day, you didn’t get a headshot unless you were an actor or a criminal. Now, of course, there are probably all kinds of places where you need to plaster your smiling face.

But getting an actual headshot photographer? Why spend money on that when your phone almost certainly has a camera function?

I’m going to show you why your headshot matters, and how to get a really great one.

A Batman Logo encrusted laptop moment of christine at gaslmap district in San Diego for her headshots with Laura Pearman Photography

If headshots were other marketing tools

So imagine you’re at a meeting, conference, Metallica gig or wherever you go to meet contacts. A guy comes up to and says he’s a lawyer. Result! You need a lawyer for your ongoing neighbourhood dispute over your 60-foot, dinosaur-shaped gazebo.

So you ask for more information, and he happens to have his brochure with him. You’re taken aback to see that it’s written in crayon. On toilet paper.

When you ask him about it, he says “why would I spend money on fancy brochures? I have crayons and bog roll at home?”

Crazy, right? But it’s exactly what you’re doing when you take your Linkedin picture in a darkened room with a smartphone.

Full Sch-Whammy Headshot Session

How headshot photography grows your personal brand

First of all, ugh, I know. Sounds like I’m auditioning for the Apprentice. But no matter what you do for a living, your personal brand is a thing, and getting it right will make a huge difference to how you’re perceived.

Your personal brand is agency-speak for: “what do people think about, when they think about you?¬Ě What qualities pop into people’s heads when your name comes up in conversation?

Are you professional? Funny? Passionate? Fabulous?

Whatever you’d like to make people think of, good quality headshot photography can help cultivate it.

Blowing Siler Stars across the woodland at Northumberlandia

Headshot Photography: Brochure

You can find out about my process, my rates and the fabulous time you’ll have, by downloading this Headshots Guide. ¬†Discover if you are a Turbo, or a Sch-Wham.