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How I Price My Headshots Services


I get asked a lot about how I price my various services.  To help answer some of these common questions I thought it would be a good idea to put a bit of a rundown on why I do things in this way.  Prices and Pricing can be a complete minefield in the photography industry.  Over my years as a professional photographer, I have honed the way I do this, and I’m happy for you to see some of my behind the scenes on this.


Following the fashion world, I align my pricing overview to a Spring Summer season, and then an Autumn Winter season.  In the last few years, I have noticed that releasing and reviewing all of my services had to speed up much quicker than on an annual basis.  The headshots world is fast paced, and I really like to adjust and polish what I do to stay at the forefront of whats happening.  I ALWAYS want you to tell me how the services available can be better for your precise needs, right now.  In fact, I bake in that opportunity at numerous occasions on all of my service experiences.

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Curated Packages

A lot of people embarking upon a pro headshot have no idea of what is the best way to go around it all.  Let’s face it, I’d be exactly the same if you rocked up and asked me to change a gearbox in a car.  I wouldn’t know what was first, what made no sense at all, and what would trash the engine.


Having shot over 350 sessions since setting up for myself, 6 years ago, I like to think that I know exactly which way round is the best way of doing things.  This is because I am regularly testing the way we do things.  I promise you, I know what doesn’t work.

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If you want to learn a little bit more about each service, you can.  I have created you can head on over to their personally designated pages.  When you become more familiar with the different levels I have arranged my services, I really hope you feel a certain affinity with a specific service over the rest.  If you feel really unsure, then its best we chat first and I will give you some expert guidance.

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Package Add-Ons

Following from the way previous clients have chosen to work, I have made more and more add ons available.  They sit underneath each of the carefully curated packages.  These have all been itemised throughout the brochure.

The Option To Dictate

A few years ago I began booking a new calibre of headshots clients.  CEO’s who are extremely time pressed, decisive, and they know 100% what they love (and hate).  As a result of this I began rapidly adding more VIP style options to the style in which I work, to accommodate their needs and requests.  I am always open to discussing even more ways of working around particular requirements you might have.  If you are an Executive Assistant with a long list of demands, lets talk!

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To get more of a feel for this, you can take a look at my Bespoke Headshots Service Page.