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When it comes to thinking about how to set goals for 2020 in your world, I'm demonstrating how I have made myself uncomfortable by making use of more Behind-The-Scenes action. Here are some personal goals, business goals and a couple that fit both of these categories.

Building Further on This Previous Episode

You may remember that I shared this episode which is all about behind-the-scenes action in your business and how that's gonna be a growing trend in 2020 for the small business owner.

Out of My Comfort Zone

Setting the new year off with a bang then, I thought it would be interesting if I demonstrate how to do a whole new angle behind the scenes in your business, and at the same time, make myself fully accountable to you for the year ahead.

I'm gonna level with you, this is really outside of my comfort zone, we had a few heated discussions here at Peary HQ when coming up with this episode concept, so please know that I'm pretty uncomfortable right now.


And why That's A Good Thing

I would never have thought that this time last year, I would have been brave enough to do this episode. So whilst I'm feeling uncomfortable, I'm also pretty grateful that I'm able to experience this set of emotions.

It's good to dial up the empathy so that when new clients are coming to me to start planning photography, I really can tell them that I understand exactly how they feel when I'm pushing them that little bit further to get outside of their comfort zone. So on this episode, I'm gonna be sharing all of my big goals with you for 2020 and give you a little bit of an insight into how I see my business growth over the year ahead.

I'll Be Re-Purposing This

Now the plan with this is to revisit this maybe at the halfway point sometime in June on the show, and then I'm hoping that come December, I can do a nice recap of what went really well, what was maybe a learning experience with a big cocktail in my hand. So if you wanna stay tuned on all of that, I would love it if you could subscribe to the show, you do that right here.

Was This You?

So when you saw the episode about behind the scenes you might have struggled to come up with your own ideas for how you can make that work in your small business.

So I am giving you full permission to go right ahead and steal this entire idea and put it out there just report back and let me know how it goes for you. Sharing your 2020 goals with your clients and your following could have a significant impact on the way that your personal brand is perceived by everyone else.

Business or Personal?

Some of them are personal, some of them are business-focused and some of them can probably go in both of those categories. And that's really the way that I'm trying to build my business and my long-term career so that everything is one.

I love the idea of having a holistic approach to your life and I like to think that my business is going in that direction as well.

GOAL 1: Be The Earlybird

Goal number one then, up by 5:30 a.m. every day without fail.

When I was 18, I had a summer job as a post lady and I really hated the idea that I had to be up by 4 a.m. Every day to get to the delivery office to prepare my round for about 6:30 every day. But actually, over the period of that summer, I noticed that I felt so much more vibrant, so much fresher, and so many studies tell you that if you get up early, roundabout sunrise, you're actually tapping into your animal instincts and it makes you a lot more alert and focused.


In order to be as fresh as a daisy every day, I am fully aware that probably where I'm going wrong is working too late, getting to bed too late and having technology in my environment far too soon up to bedtime. So this is a big part of this goal. It's all to do with sleep hygiene and beating insomnia that I had over 2019 by taking a nice, holistic health approach to the way that I sleep.

The next one is a real personal goal of mine and that is to...

GOAL 2: Completed Brow Game

So, I love the fresh brown feel. So if you're like me and you regularly go and get your HD brows done, you probably understand what I mean when I'm talking about this weird little addiction.


As a teen in the 90s, I am wholeheartedly of the opinion that my age group destroyed our natural brow game, it was really trendy in the 90s if you weren't around then to have super thin eyebrows, so I remember me and my friends all over plucking the life out of our brows, usually at sleepovers.

I feel like I've been working for a good 20 years to grow back as many natural brows as possible and I'm planning on continuing that approach over 2020. You can go ahead and give me a little secretive thumbs up if you over-plucked your eyebrows in the 90s.


I'll Be Re-Purposing This too

I'm planning on documenting this as one of my Instagram stories and I'm hoping that it's gonna lead to me taking more time out of working and my business and enjoying myself in the salon.

The next goal is a personal one, but it definitely has an impact on my business and that's something that I learned in 2019. And that is to...

GOAL 3: Maintain 3-5 Workouts A Week

Now for me personally, weight is quite a tricky subject. I've done a lot of different fad diets in my adult life, and every time I feel like I have to deprive myself if makes me feel really down and then I turn to emotional eating as a response to that.

Instead, I'm taking the approach this year where I wanna maintain a healthy diet, I love to cook and I love eating healthy food, but I'm not gonna try and go into this with a mindset of deprivation and limiting. Instead, I think it's better for me if I focus on getting to the gym three to five times a week, and again, the caveat with that is I'm not gonna blame myself and be really angry with myself if I don't get five workouts in, but I wanna try and make this personal agreement that it's three workouts as an absolute minimum every single week.

My next goal is a business goal and that is...

GOAL 4: Be A Guest 10 Times in 2020

This is also a little bit of an ask, so if you have a show, or you're building out your podcast, and you think that my talking about selfies, personal branding, and visual strategy in your small business would be helpful to your listeners or to your viewers, then definitely get in touch with me.

I love it when I can share value on other people's shows and I wanna do that 10 times in 2020.

Next up is a very focused business goal...

GOAL 5: To Grow My business by 15% in 2020

You definitely won't know this because I didn't share it, but last year I set myself a crazy big goal. It was a number based on how much turnover I wanted and I had gone through and calculated how that would translate to a wage, how that would translate to growth, and it was totally unattainable, fully based on ego and guess what?

I didn't hit it.

But not hitting it over the year really got me down, it demoralised me, it slowed me down in my progress, and I've learned that doing that and having that particular figure in mind probably doesn't work very well for me.

Instead by focusing on a percentage of growth this year, I feel like I'm giving myself something that's totally achievable, but also something that can be tracked much easier without the demoralisation over 2020.

This is business and personal, this next goal, and that is to...

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GOAL 6: Keep putting out a #MwahTV episode EVERY Week

Back in May of 2019, I marked getting really serious with my YouTube channel in this episode and I wanna continue ongoing and following through with consistency.

This has been really hard to do and I think there were maybe like two occasions in the last seven months where I was so close to not getting an episode out, but I committed to it and god damn it, I was gonna stick to it.

Cue staying up really late on a couple of nights to make sure that I hit my Friday deadline, but I wanna just maintain this and keep going for the entire year.


And I think I can definitely do this, and I wanna get smarter at doing this and really embrace the idea of batch content creation.

The next goal is also business and personal...

GOAL 7: Go to Sweden & Prague

I can't explain to you why there is something in my soul where I wanna maybe dial back to my Viking roots and see what Sweden is like. And I've really wanted to go to Prague for years and we just kept putting it off because I make work a bigger priority. So this year I'm gonna see Sweden, I'm gonna enjoy Sweden, I'm gonna take pictures there, and I'm gonna do the exact same thing in Prague.


Watch this space.

Next up is a business-related goal and it tacks on a little bit to do with personal travel...

GOAL 8: Experience a New Conference in Europe

I'm currently doing research on this and I would love it if you've got any great ideas for fun conferences that happen within the entrepreneurial space, it's quite a loose brief, but I wanna go somewhere new in Europe and go to a conference and enjoy myself there.

So if you've got any recommendations, by all means, let me know in the comments or shoot me a DM over on Instagram.

This is my final professional business goal of the set...

GOAL 9: More Pro Speaking Gigs

About a month ago I was invited to speak professionally at an event that's local here called Digital Drive Durham and I fully enjoyed it, I had a really good time prepping my talk and then delivering my talk and lots of people have been in touch to tell me how valuable it was.

I wanna dial that up next year, I wanna do more speaking professionally. If you're looking for a speaker or you know somebody who's looking for a speaker and you think that your crowd is gonna be into learning more about professional photography, visual strategy, personal branding, headshots or even selfies, then get in touch.

I wanted to finish how to set goals for 2020 with one more personal goal and you probably have no idea about this about me because I've never shared it really online...

GOAL 10: Walk Hadrians Wall

I absolutely love walking and hiking really long distances. And for the last couple of years, I've been saying that I really wanna walk the entire length of Hadrian's Wall. So I'm making myself accountable to you here now and sharing that I'm gonna do that this year.


If you don't know I live in the northeast and I live pretty near the east side of Hadrian's Wall, so my plan is to travel out to the west side and essentially walk home.

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03:56 - Brows Goal

05:11 - Workout Goal

06:13 - Appearances Goal

08:40 - Sweden & Prague

What Actually Happened

Pivoting and adapting was my overall theme for the year that was 2020. I played my part in galvanising some of the best photographers around the world to capture this time in history.

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