How to Use Influencer Marketing in Your Business | Practical Ways to Implement Today!

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A very dynamic rapid-growth commodity. Gone are the years of Influence as a secondary powerful Public relations tactic. Today we are in the era of Influence as an industry within itself. Business owners today are bombarded with the glitzy trappings of this new-fangled industry, but the majority of them do not understand why or how it exists and so resists the temptation to try it out or explore it further for their own profits. Today, we’re revisiting How to use Influencer marketing in your business!”

Incoming & Outgoing Influence

It would be fair to say that the world of Influence can be broadly chopped into two categories when looking at it as a modern-day business owner.


Using influencers to generate more leads and a wider knowledge of your business.



Developing your own influence is usually through content creation to build up an audience you can monetise and sell to brands who want to better engage with them.

A Quick Recap?

I broke down the basics in a lot more detail back in episode 11. We got into how it's possible to develop your business so that you have both incoming and outgoing influence strategies working simultaneously as income streams for your business. If you have always shied away from using influence strategies in your business, this is a great episode to replay.

Ancient History?

It’s true that the Influencer economy is rapidly evolving. And it’s this factor that puts a lot of people off from it.

In episode 12 however, I debunked the myths about this world being something that has come about as a result of social media like Instagram. That is totally wrong, and in this episode, I took you on a rapid journey through time all the way back into ancient history to show how Influence has always and will always work. This is a great episode to replay if you know you are procrastinating on testing influencer strategies in your business for fear of all your efforts being outdated when the next Instagram update happens.

Common Influencer Mistakes

We then explored together in this episode what the biggest mistakes are and how to avoid them in using influencer marketing in your business. Going into this with proper knowledge of:

  • Alignment
  • Expectations
  • And Measurement

As well as knowing how to avoid cowboys and sharks.

Jump In!

There are replay links here to every one of these episodes to help you. Pick out exactly where you are at right now with how to use influencer marketing in your business. Replay the episode that suits your needs best.

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Timestamps for this Episode of #MwahTV

00:00 - Episode Start

00:50 - Incoming Influencer Marketing

00:59 - Outgoing Influencer Marketing

01:15 - Episode My Guide to Influencer Marketing

01:38 - Episode on Influencer Marketing throughout history

02:25 - Episode on most common Influencer mistakes

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