How To Use Lightroom Presets On DIY Phone Photography

Watch This Episode of MwahTV About How To Use Lightroom Presets on DIY Phone Photography

In this episode of Mwah TV, I’m helping you figure out exactly how to use Lightroom presets for DIY Phone Photography. We’re covering how you go about getting any Lightroom presets you’ve just purchased to work right on your mobile phone. Then we will be looking at how to use them.

Tutorial Goals

By the end of this episode, you're gonna know exactly how:

  • you begin using the Lightroom app on your phone,
  • you import any new Lightroom presets into your phone,
  • to start brushing up on the quality of your final post-produced images.

Quick Back Story

I find that as a professional photographer, there is a whole cohort of people who just really, really hate having a camera pointed at them. So as a professional photographer, there's very little I can do to help them.

A Challenge To you

I set out with #LoveYaSelfie, which is a free five-day challenge, you might have just completed it and that's why you're here. It's basically a challenge where I get you to start working on why you hate that camera pointed in your face so much by doing it all on your own with your phone, and the camera app on your phone.

You learn some little tricks of the trade to make sure that you can level up your selfie game, 'cause let's face it when you've got a bit more self-confidence, and you feel a lot more open to working with a camera in your face, then, I can help you out with professional photography.

And if not, hey, if I've improved your day or I've improved the levels of self-confidence that you have, I sleep easy in my bed.


STEP 1: Get The FREE Lightroom App On Your Phone

To begin with, you're gonna want to make sure that you've downloaded the free Lightroom app to your phone, here are some links for you.

Make sure you've downloaded that app and make sure that you've opened it up on your phone, and it's working okay.

Don't Forget

Before we progress to the next stage, we need to make sure that your phone and your Lightroom app are connected in the right way. Here's how I made sure that the Photo Stream syncs with my new Lightroom app:

  • I went into my settings
  • Then I scrolled all the way down to the Lightroom app, clicked on that
  • Made sure that the Photo Stream sync option (Read & Write) was switched on.

STEP 2: Import Your Collection Of Lightroom Presets To Your Phone

I'm gonna be showing you today using my #LoveYaSelfie Lightroom presets that follows on from my free #LoveYaSelfie challenge, you can get a little bit of a preview of how they work, maybe you're interested in buying them, but this is a great demonstration for you to see how the different ways that you can get any Lightroom presets into your phone.

STEP 2: If You Already Have An Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

If you're already using Lightroom on your desktop, all you need to do is open up the presets zip file from your downloads folder on the desktop and import it in the normal way that you would import into Lightroom.

Then you need to make sure that your Lightroom app on your phone is logged in with the same email and password that you use for your Adobe cloud subscription. They should automatically sync when you do it this way.

STEP 2: If You Are Completely New To Lightroom Or Adobe

I don't know about you but I am absolutely addicted to using Airdrop as a facility between my phone and my laptop. It speeds up my working process so much, I'm forever pinging things back and forth.

So because of that, I personally found that if I was using Lightroom as the free app on my phone without the desktop version, and I just wanted the free app, I would Airdrop the presets from my downloads folder over to my phone. Here is a quick demo vid for you:

A Quick Side Note About Air-Dropping on IPhone

If all of your devices are not Apple products, then you probably are gonna need to take a look at an alternative to Airdrop, as I understand it, Airdrop just works when you're transferring from one Apple device to another Apple device.

If You Are On A Samsung Device

When all of your devices are Samsung, you're probably gonna find that this works best for you.

If You Are Any Other Device

If you have different devices where your laptop is one brand and your phone is another. You can make sure that you use an Airdrop facility that works with different types of devices. I hear that ShareIt is really good and reliable for doing this so go and take a look at that.

If This Is Your First Time Moving Files With Bluetooth

If you've never done this before, with transferring files, just go to the file and right-click on it on your laptop. When you go down the menu like this, you will see there is a share option. Hold your mouse over the share option. If you have a Bluetooth share facility available it should show up in this menu.

You're gonna need to make sure that you put your Bluetooth on your laptop and your Bluetooth on your phone as well.

STEP 2A: Confirming The Presets Transfer Was Successful

When you've used any form of Bluetooth to transfer each of the five presets to your phone, you're gonna see it goes automatically into your Photo Stream. It looks like a plain white blank square, like this.

Blank file in photos

If You Are Using A Mobile Phone And No Desktop

Maybe you're really cool and down with the kids and you don't even use a desktop facility like a laptop or a desktop PC. Maybe you run your entire business using your mobile phone.

Then there is still a way that you can use Lightroom presets. So let's cover that first before we go to the next step.


To unzip a compressed zip file just using your mobile phone, you probably wanna make sure that you get the iZip app, it's a free app and all it does is it helps you unzip compressed folders like this. Let's see how I did that on my phone. Okay, looking at my phone screen then. What I've done is I've Airdropped a whole zip file from my laptop Downloads folder and over to my phone. This will be the exact same type of file that you'd be looking at if you got an email to your phone, and it had a zip file attached to it.

It asked me here, if I wanted the zip file to be unzipped, which of course I did. Then you can see that all five of the presets from the love-ya-selfie preset collection have opened up in the file section on the iZip app. When I click on one of the .dng files, it's then asked me if I want to view it as a text file, open it in or cancel it. I've hit open, and you can see there that Lightroom has already woken up. It's the third option of where I wanna open this zip file in.

And exactly, that's where we want it so that's what I've chosen. After hitting that, Lightroom then prompted me to import the preset .dng file now or the next time I launched the app from my home screen.

So Now We Are At The Same Stage

So that should bring us all up to the exact same point now, on getting the Lightroom presets into our Lightroom app.

Let's move on to Lightroom now. I'm gonna show you how you actually apply Lightroom presets to your selfies on your phone.

Take The #LoveYaSelfie Challenge

You can start using better selfies, and more strategic selfies in your marketing plan, then I'd like to personally invite you to take my #LoveYaSelfie Challenge.

This includes five days of very different selfies techniques taught to you by email with daily tutorials and a final workbook.

This is a great way to spring yourself into action. To learn more, click here.

STEP 3: How To Use Lightroom Presets On DIY Phone Photography

On the home screen of the Lightroom app, you can see that the new #LoveYaSelfie presets can be seen in the recent documents reel at the top. If you have the #LoveYaSelfie Preset Collection, you're gonna have five different-looking photos. It's the same photo of me, but it's been finished in five different ways.

Simply open up the first one. We're gonna click on the three little dots on the top right of the screen. Then I'm gonna select copy presets. Then let's go to a recent selfie.



When you have found a selfie to add this preset to, this next bit is where we need to know that your phone stream is synced into your Lightroom app.

I'm gonna go in and pick a recent selfie. When I found a selfie that I want this preset to go on top of, I'm gonna open it up and click on the top three little buttons. Again, in the right corner of the selfie shot. Then this time I'm gonna select Paste settings.

And voila, the preset from the #love-ya-selfie presets collection has now been added on top of your selfie for you.

Going More Fancypants

What's beautiful about using the Lightroom app here is that if the preset has edited a photo in a certain way, you can improve it. Maybe it looks a little bit too red? Maybe it's really brought out the shadows 'cause it's a very contrasty sort of preset? You still have the option in Lightroom to move all of these settings around until you get a perfect final image.

If you enjoyed the look and the final effect of my #LoveYaSelfie Lightroom presets, you can find out all the information you need here.

A Closer Look At The #LoveYaSelfie Lightroom Presets Collection

This collection includes five different settings. They match the mood and the themes that we have in the #LoveYaSelfie free challenge.

A Colour Pop Daydream

Inspired by one of those daydreams. The kind where you imagine that you are the lead singer of a music video, or the spokesmodel for your favourite can't live without fragrance.

Bam! You're one of Monet's subjects travelling through time, all set to the mellow vocal stylings of Simon and Garfunkel.

Watercolour Moods


Pink Lipstick Kisses

Eat a marshmallow, and sip on a cherry cocktail. As you're breezing through your life, sweet-smelling pink fumes jet out from the back of your vintage roller skates.

Edgy Monochrome

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Serious levels of #lovingyourselfie brightening your day!

Cool Kid Vintage

Put the beard oil down, snag an up-cycling bargain, and rip some more of your denim. You're cool, for cats.

Share Your Results Won't-Cha?

If you decide to use the #LoveYaSelfie Lightroom presets on your selfies, then I want you to make sure that I can see them on social. So make sure when you post any of these final images online, you use #LoveYaSelfie, and tag me in them by all means for a little bit of love and a little bit of a live crit from me as well.

Timestamps for this Episode of #MwahTV

00:00 - Episode Starts

02:10 - Getting the Lightroom App on your phone

04:40 - Working with 5 presets

07:30 - Importing Presets

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