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How to Use Selfies in Marketing in a recap this week. I'm looking back over the different episodes on Mwah TV about different aspects of how to master taking better selfies to level up your DIY Phoneography and improve how you show up online.

With another lockdown upon us here in the UK, entrepreneurs are not only looking to combat the pesky January blues, but they’re also looking to keep their businesses alive. We’ve established here on MWAH TV that doing this with branded photography is undoubtedly a great idea. However with the restrictions on shooting safely today’s bulletin re-visits...

How to take the DIY approach to photography in your business using your pocket phone gizmo to help you along the way.

Laura here, cosied up and ready to take a whistle-stop tour of some of my previous episodes about selfies with you today.

Fully embracing the joy of DIY Phone photography and its array of capabilities is a great way to keep your business brand top of mind as we continue to shop online.

However, there is a right way of doing this and heading into this approach with an “any selfies will do” philosophy could be reputational suicide.

Good Example & Bad Example of a Selfie


DIY Techniques For Selfies in Marketing

In this episode back in Season 2, I shared in detail about lots of different DIY techniques when it comes to the photography part of improving selfies. In this episode we covered:

Cropping & Positioning of your phone

How to get way more than just the usual head and shoulders crop, and how to do this WITHOUT dislocating your shoulder from the arm stretching. The right angles to look your best, and where a lot of people go wrong.

Lighting with precise narrative

This is a whole "thing" in the world of photography. Imagine how a very badly lit photograph of a health salon makes you feel. Or, the cover of a death metal album being lit in a "light and airy" way.

Intentional lighting is part of your storytelling.

Using Space

Again, this is a whole "thing" in a lot of the arts. Intentional use of space in photography or selfie composition is a key part of the photographic quality of the shot.

It's a bit more sophisticated than the "rule of thirds" too.

Editing Phone Photography

How to remove that zit BEFORE posting to social.

If you want to hone your DIY phone abilities this is a great episode, to begin with.

Using Lightroom Presets To Edit Your Phone Photography

For the more advanced, I put together this episode all about using Lightroom Presets to edit your phone photography just like a professional. This was a step-by-step tutorial of exactly how this kind of preset works. A great one to re-visit if you want a strong brand aesthetic to all of your selfies to make your photography look like it is all from the same collection.

In our first UK Lockdown (which feels forever ago) I put together this quick-response episode. Aiming to help you ensure you could begin a fresh habit of using great selfies and DIY phone photography for your business DESPITE the restrictions.

We looked at:

  • Props
  • Essential Equipment
  • Selfies as a Good Habit for Business Survival in Lockdown

Take The #LoveYaSelfie Challenge

You can start using better selfies, and more strategic selfies in your marketing plan, then I'd like to personally invite you to take my #LoveYaSelfie Challenge.

This includes five days of very different selfies techniques taught to you by email with daily tutorials and a final workbook.

This is a great way to spring yourself into action. To learn more, click here.

Selfies For Instagram

Following some social media requests to get even more specific, I made a deep-dive episode all about selfies for Instagram. This time we looked at.

How to Be Strategic With A Selfie

Using a pretend example of a dog groomer I showed you how you can make the whole concept of shooting and sharing selfies a strategic part of your entire marketing plan. Finding the different angles on your day-to-day.

Being Consistent

The bit where MANY people fall down. Some practical ways to get serious and keep your socials up to date with regular selfies.

Mixing Things Up With Selfies

How to mix it all up and get yourself out of a rut with your phone photography.

I realise now that this re-cap makes that episode sound like there are 2 contradictory sections. But I pinky promise it makes sense when you play it thru from start to finish.

Get Your Selfies Kit Up to Scratch

Here is access to my full selfies kit that I use myself should you want to buy the same kit as me you can...

Tool up,

pose it,


Timestamps for this Episode of #MwahTV

00:00 - Episode Start

01:04 - Good Vs Bad Selfies Example

01:09 - Using your phone Vs a Pro Photographer

01:33 - How to use Lightroom Presets in Phone Photography Editing

02:02 - Using Selfies for More Business

02:37 - Selfies for Instagram growth & success

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