Exactly Everything You Need To Get Your Own Product Photography Looking Professional And Good Enough Everyone Will Want To Buy It!

When styling out a product shoot you can really give yourself over to your own creativity. Setting the scene beyond the item you have to sell affirms what it feels like to do business with you, and it will tell a story about your brand.

So how you do this is really based on a lot of strategic thinking to ensure you explain your style in the right way.

Even More About Styling

A quick re-cap for you to refresh your memory on what I said about figuring out the direction you want your brand style to take.

Working out how to make your product photography and videography feel like an extension of your brand is done with careful planning and consideration about how everything looks and then feels when someone is browsing your website.

We want that experience to feel quintessentially YOU. When people feel a kinship or love of a brand they buy more and they remain loyal.

Dark Styling

Dark Styling Example - Laura Pearman Creative

ALT. Passion

Alt Passion Example - Laura Pearman Creative

Mature Whimsy

Mature Whimsy Example - Laura Pearman Creative

Fun Guy

Fun Guy Example - Laura Pearman Creative

Let's break it down even more (like a stylist).

Surfaces & Backdrops

For Smaller Products

When your products are small it is incredibly easy to switch your set up. You could do this to reflect a collection of products or use this to explain how you are selling products that fit a season or special event.

For Mid-Sized Products

These backgrounds are printed rolls of vinyl. You can clean them easily and even roll them up the wall to create a surface that flows into a backdrop for showcasing your products.

Marble Backdrops

For Large Products

Again large rolls of vinyl, but these have been painstakingly handpainted by a fantastic UK based business. The products you see in these images are from professional product photographers who have used the backdrops to form their styling. See how the oranges and crab shell really pops in contrast to the blue backgrounds?

crabs backdrop
tiles backdrop
oranges backdrop

If you're dealing with REALLY big products, or you need to showcase your product in situ to demonstrate how fabulous it is, you might want to think about building a large scale set.

You can even buy fake walls like this to help keep your set fresh.

Fake Walls

Even More About Your Presenter


It was great fun sharing this know-how with you!

Even More About Lighting

Professional Photo Light Box

The Bright Effect

When you are on a budget, and you need some good product shots that you want to begin shooting on your own, this is the piece of kit I recommend. Perfect for small to medium products.

Neewer Dimmable 176 LED Video Light 5600K on Camera Light Panel

Continuous Lighting

When it comes to lighting video having something that is easy to gel and dial-up and down according to daylight is key. I have a few of these nifty lighting blocks. With the adapter I can switch out my flash heads with my photography lighting stands with ease.

Neewer 12-inch Inner/14-inch Outer LED Ring Light and Light Stand 36W 5500K

Beauty Lighting

When it comes to lighting people in a video having something that eliminates imperfections and that is easy to dial-up and down according to surrounding light comes in handy. I use my ring light in conjunction with my lighting bricks to create video footage that features me in it.  This means I can shoot all day long and be confident that all of the footage regardless of what time it was shot will look uniform and I will look my best.

Even More About Editing

Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

For Any Digital Creativity

Photoshop to Premier

Stock to the more technical stuff. You can absolutely get the best deal when you opt for a Creative Cloud subscription.

Great upgrades and a real sense of creative community.

Canva Pro Free Trial


For Any Digital Creativity

When Adobe feels too fiddly to learn Canva is agreat shout!

I have this open in my browser every day. I love the speed and efficiency Canva gives me.

Even More About Lenses & Equipment

APEXEL 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens

For The Really BIG Products

Extra Wide crop shots are impossible on a normal built-in mobile camera lens. With this nifty addition, you can catch better landscapes, bigger group shots and capture more in your shots without having to climb a ladder to get everything in.

LUXSURE HD Phone Lens Clip On Camera Lens Kit

When You Are On A Budget

An easy starter set of lenses to kick off your improved DIY phoneography.

ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 3 Axis Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Steady Film-making Video on location with your phone

I got this to help me capture smooth video footage with my phone whilst out on photography sessions. This makes it really easy to pass over to a crew member to catch me capturing the session.

Even More About Styling

It's important to think about using the right kinds of props to accompany your product content. You can select them to add some extra visual sensory, to denote more of an explanation about your brand, and play with colour and textures to make the final imagery even more appealing.

Add Natural Textures

Fur background

Add Plantlife


Add Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

Even More Resources

Getting More Creative

How To Sex-Up Your Creativity Playbook

I wrote this playbook to help explain just how regimented I think it means to be truly creative.

It's not a god-given talent that just appears from thin air. If you find yourself in a struggle about how to make an idea or project of yours more creative, this is the playbook for you.

You can use this resource over and over again.

Love Ya Selfies

How To #LoveYaSelfie In Just 5 Days

If you know you need to get more confident being in your photography this is the EXACT challenge you need to think about taking.

Better Selfies skills in just 5 days.

What's not to love?

Even More Tips & Advice From Me

I share a lot of tips and advice on my YouTube Channel #MwahTV. I have gathered some episodes that you might find useful in your business right now.

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