Everything I Use To Make Shooting Selfies As Easy As Possible

I cannot live without so many clever pieces of software to run my business and make my life run with simplicity. 

Here are some quick links for you to take a look at what I use in my business.  I only share links to the things I have tried and tested and then implemented into the way we do things here at Peary HQ. Full disclosure, these links are affiliate links.

What you see here are my most favourite pieces of software.  I can wholeheartedly recommend them all.

Keeping Things Steady

Efuytech Selfie Stick Tripod

Efuytech Selfie Stick Tripod

A great multi-purpose selfie stick with an added tripod. A great tool to have if you want a solid all-rounder to begin getting better at shooting selfies.

The Bluetooth remote is such a clever tool to be able to set your phone up steadily then step back and get a great group shot.

Yarrashop Selfie Stick with Fill Light and Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control

Yarrashop Selfie Stick with Fill Light and Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control

Same functionality as the other selfie stick I have, but this one is a bit more girly. A good choice if you like to make a statement with your gadgets.

TARION Overhead Tripod Mount Articulating Arm Phone Holder

Tarion Overhead Tripod Mount Articulating Arm Phone Holder

SUCH a helpful clamp to have your phone as a webcam, or to make your working day more ergonomic.

A steady support

OMOTON Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Really handy gadget to shoot selfies and keep your phone at eye-level when at work. I've used this with a macro lens to get a really close up flat lay with steady support instead of a tripod.

Quick Desktop selfies (& zooms)

QIAYA Selfie Light Ring Lights LED Circle Light

I love having one of these in my handbag for a night out. It makes the selfies SO MUCH BETTER because you dont have to rely on a poor quality built-in flash.

The best rest ever

The Pod R0017 B Camera Platform Red & Black

The more sophisticated version of using a bean bag or a bag of rice to balance your phone when you are in a bind. You will be suprised how much you use this as a reliable piece of your selfie kit. I promise!

The doughnut rings in eyeballs effect

Neewer Ring Light Kit

It is really hard to find a well priced ring light for selfies that has enough power to really make a difference. This one has that level of power and comes with a good stand too.

A dimmable ringlight

Ring Light, ZOMEI 10" LED Ring Light, Dimmable Desktop USB

It may seem excessive but having an additional desktop ringlight just makes things easier and more fuss-free for me (who wants to be setting up and re-positionning a ring light before EVERY Zoom meeting?). I love that I can easily click the strength of this light up and down depending on how the sunlight is affecting the look of how I'm showing up on Zoom calls.

Taking Phoneography to the next level

APEXEL Camera Lens Kit

A lot of people ask me about the right direction to go in when it comes to upgrading the lens capability on their mobile phones. You can get a bunch of really cheap ones, that are unpredictable and tend to break quickly. This is a great collection of not-too-pricey lenses that you can use to level-up your skills before investing a lot.

Lots of people or amazing landscapes shots

APEXEL 120 Degree Wide angle Lens

Extra Wide crop shots are impossible on a normal built-in mobile camera lens. With this nifty addition, you can catch better landscapes, bigger group shots and capture more in your shots without having to climb a ladder to get everything in.

Budget-Friendly phoneography level up

LUXSURE HD Phone Lens Clip on Camera Lens Kits

An easy starter set of lenses to kick off your improved selfies and DIY phoneography.

Handsfree ALL THE TIME

Best Magnetic Car Phone Holder

If you fancy embracing the car-selfie or car-vlog (please drive safely) this is a great place to start.

To DIY small product

Professional Photo Light Box

When you are on a budget, and you need some good product shots that you want to begin shooting on your own, this is the piece of kit I recommend. Perfect for small to medium products.

Turn your phone into a serious piece of kit

Smartphone Handheld Filmmaking Video Rig

If you want to work on getting consistent before spending big (always the right order by the way) on a fancypants vlog set up this piece of kit helps you transform your phone into a soild filming rig.

Phone support that can be integrated into a full kit

Ailun Phone Holder

For those times when you need to hold your phone secure for longer than your hand and arm can manage. I love that I can attach this to my tripods AND to my desktop clamps.



The first place I go to when hunting for new equipment is Warehouse Express, a really friendly company based in Norwich. They have such a nice team, they do trade in's and you can buy a wealth of good quality second hand too.

This takes you to my Mention Me account with WEX so you can get £20 off your next order.

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