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Giving you a quick rundown of all of the inspo content and practical or educational content created is a great way for you to pick and choose where you might like to begin with Laura.  Take a look at all of what we put out, where we put it out and then pick your fave medium.


Musing on big ideas is a big part of what goes on behind the scenes #bts here at Laura Pearman Photography.  Sometimes this comes to you in the form of a Photography Collection, or it might just be Laura sharing a particular mood or thought to spark a conversation about it.  We structure this musing (as much as possible) in all of our content.  If you come across something on social, in email or video that seems a bit unusual, its probably a musing.

Practical Ideas

We have a lot of practical resources that you can help yourself to in your own quest for your next headshots session, leading an international life, or being a modern pinup.  For the more practical minds, we know that you are on a mission to find what you need, in the way that you need it.  Go wild on the Pinterest Platform to gather some ideas, or binge on The Bookshelf.  Its your call.



A lot of Laura’s content surrounds learning about the visual side of branding, and more recently the Art of Selfies.  If you want to find out much more on this please head to Selfie Skool.

Read It

If you love to read your content, you will love the blog.  Here we focus in on client case studies, musing, and from time to time we share some practical things you might like.

Watch It

If watching video is more your style then head on over to the You Tube Channel to meet clients, learn with Laura in the Selfie Skool.

You can even get involved by submitting your own question to The Real Questions and Answers Show.  Keep it to Photography, Selfies, Headshots and you will likely be featured.

Kiss It

If you have no time to go out and tune into the content and inspiration being broadcast, you might find it much easier for us to send you curated content.  Laura writes the Apertures and Annals Email and personally selects the things she feels you might like to check out each month.  Its a great way to get a synopsis of everything happening here, without having to put a load of groundwork in.

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