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Karly’s Headshots at Media Influence Live 2018

July 30, 2018

Meet My Client!

Meet Karly.  Karly Ellis has a great new social media strategy business called This is Social.  It was a pleasure to meet her and get a better understanding of her new, exciting business during Media Influence Live 2018.


How We Met

Janet Murray

I met Karly through Janet Murray’s recent Media Influence Live event.  As official photographer for this conference, Karly got to know me as one of the delegates.  Janet has another great event lined up for the end of this year all centred around planning your content right for 2019.

The Planning

Unlike my usual headshots packages, I worked on developing a specific headshots service for the Media Influence Live delegates with Janet in the run up to the event.  Karly chose to shoot with me in one of my quicker services, at The Trampery Hoxton, where Media Influence Live was happening.  I loved how quirky it was in there.


This is Social Homepage


Karly’s Headshot Session

Karly and I shot together on day two of the conference.  By this time I had gotten to know some more nooks and crannies we could shoot in.  I knew Karly was really open to more of the edgy, cool, relaxed vibes in her shots so this is what we aimed for.

The Trampery, London

The Trampery is a wonderfully quirky space.  It’s pure Hoxton!  If you are ever in the area and you are looking for a great space to co-work in, you should check them out.


Social Media Headshots

We went for some relaxed and casual style shots.  Karly is developing her brand as her business grows.  This time she wanted something mellow and general.

Social Media Headshots

We’ve already discussed getting shots that will be more on-brand for Karly once her business develops.  For right now we agreed positioning her as her easy-going self was the best shout.

Social Media Headshots


Social Media Headshots


Client’s Edit & Retouch

Karly chose to have a look at her shoot frames in a Client Gallery upgrade.  This gave her the option to narrow down the final images she felt worked best with her current business needs.  Plus, everything is on ice, should she need a particular shoot further down the road.

Extra Thanks To

I would officially like to thank The Trampery for being so accommodating on this session.  Next time I’m in London this is where I’m working from.

The Trampery, London

Social Media Headshots


Through Client Eyes

I asked client to tell you about the Turbo service.  Here’s what happened:


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