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Meet My Client!

Kathryn is the founder of KD Communications.  She is at the helm when it comes to modernising how the North views and uses Public Relations.  To launch her new online membership community – Headliners, Kathryn wanted to turn up the lifestyle dial on her visual branding.  She has some incredible things planned for the near future, so I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you to watch this woman CLOSELY!

There’ll be more photography to go with it all too, don’t worry.

Original Headshot


Kathryn and I have been planning this beauty for over a year!  During this time we have both been working away on the mood and vibes of how we wanted the final images to look, with a shared private Pinterest board.

Kathryn has been building her new Headliners Community whilst also writing a book, serving her clients, delivering workshops AND getting involved in the odd collaboration here and there.  It’s pedal to the metal ambition, seriously, this gal never stops!

Luxury Headshots Blog, Linking Back to Kathryn's New Headliners Community
Luxury Headshots Blog on Kathryn Dishman Barid, this is her logo linking back to her site

One thing I totally love about folks in the PR Sphere is that their rapid rate is always plugged into the “END GAME” mindset.  It’s a wonderful dual state to be in.

The scheduling of this session had to be released at the exact right time for Kathryn and the communications messages in her business.  That is why she has decided you are reading this very blog, right now.

Timing like this from a photographer perspective involves a fair bit of reverse engineering.  To announce photography on a set date, what needs to happen and by when to make that possible?

It’s this kind of military organisation that I thrive in as a creative.  When you know you are a part of a much bigger well-oiled machine, you strive that little bit harder to deliver your side, with your team on point.

Luxury Headshot Blog on KD Communications, this is a link back to her homepage



Nichola English from The Wardrobe Provocateur styled this Sch-Wham.  In tandem to the longer planning cycle, Nichola and Kathryn developed a great rapport in the build-up to the shoot.

Luxury Headshots


Marie from ND Makeup was on the crew for both hair and makeup.  Kathryn absolutely loved the look of the recently transformed ND Studio.  So to begin with we shot there.

creative headshots


Over the months that we chatted about how Kathryn wanted her session to look, and feel I gradually developed this clear cut wish-list.

  • Bubbles, Sparkles VIP Flavour
  • Timing of the final stages of this shoot would be CRUCIAL
  • Telling more of the story of Kathryn the woman, not just Kathryn the PR consultant.


With the wish-list, planning and consultancy all in my brain, I was then able to start refining Kathryn’s mood-board.  Here is what I created especially for her.  We then used this as the visual brief for the crew.

Luxury Headshots Moodboarding for KD Communications


Shoot day was a joyful giggle.  We had 3 locations to get around, 5 looks to capture, and 4 different hair and make-up looks!


As previously mentioned, ND Make-Up is now based in a seriously beautiful studio space.  Renovated and styled with a similar luxury essence that fits with Kathryn oh-so-well.  It made so much sense for us to take advantage of this location at the top of our session.


We hot-footed wardrobe, crew and all equipment to nearby Hotel Indigo to keep the luxury Headshot energy flowing.  Adam and the team were simply marvellous!  We had a suite awaiting us complete with everything we could possibly need.

Kathryn at Hotel Indigo consulting todays press
Kathryn Dishman-Baird SchWham Headshots Session

We all loved how cute Kathryn was in her rollers, so we turned this into a relaxed shot or her at work, checking print media and speaking with her clients.

Kathryn ruling the city from her balcony in Newcastle at Hotel Indigo
Kathryn Dishman-Baird SchWham Headshots Session

Making use of the great balcony gave us this fantastic northern city vista to use as a backdrop for Kathryn in all her glamour-puss look.  She owns the city!

BTS on Kathryns Sch Wham Headshots. Stylist Nichola steps in to get her lined up
Kathryn Dishman-Baird SchWham Headshots Session


We are so grateful to Bonbar for welcoming us for the finale set of Kathryn’s headshots with personality session.  Lighting, champagne, light-up champagne were all waiting for her arrival to capture night-time networking Kathryn.

Kathryn is ready to meet you over champagne
Kathryn Dishman-Baird SchWham Headshots Session

What I love about this headshot is the fusion of Kathryn’s bubbly personality and love of the social side of her professional world.

Posing in moody lighting on her 2018 official headshots
Kathryn Dishman-Baird SchWham Headshots Session

An important part of the new Headliners Community to note is who Kathryn is looking to help and how.  Kathryn is passionate about creativity in fashion, and new business start-ups.  Helping these people position themselves as experts and the “headliners” in their field is precisely what Kathryn is setting out to do.

A lot of business of this nature is rarely done around that glass desk in a fluoro-lit boardroom these days (…was it ever).  You find the next Headliners networking (and usually partying) in the most exclusive nightclubs.  We were thrilled when Bonbar jumped on board and allowed us to shoot there.

This is exactly where Kathryn holds meetings with clients like this.  Her style included bubbly networking and relationship building.

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As the launch of Headliners has demanded a lot of Kathryn’s schedule, we took our editing meeting online and met in a google hangout.  Here we discussed the images that were to make the final cut.


Kathryn wanted simple retouching on her final collection.  We worked on bringing her brand colours out in the final work a little and kept the rest down to polishing things up.


You can find out even more about how we all created this through this blog, written by Stylist Nichola:


Nichola has released a great blog on how she pulled the outfits she did for Kathryn, and how she narrated her branding through clothing.


These are becoming more and more popular!  To see the headshots with the personality shoot itself unfold from behind the scenes you can head on over and replay the insta-story I created all while the shoot happened.


I asked Kathryn to do a quick piece to the camera to let you know what she thought about this Headshots service.  Here’s what happened:


If you know you are ready to level up your personal branding and visual media that goes with it.  It’s time to seriously get going on your new headshots with personality!


You can head directly to the Headshots Gallery to see more of my Headshots clients results and get ideas for how you would like to shoot with me for yourself.


If you are a details kind of person, you need to know how my different services work.  Pop your email in here and I’ll send you the guide you will need to download for all that jazz.

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