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Kerry’s Cosmo Lettuce Turbo Session

July 19, 2017

Meet My Client!

Kerry got in touch with me as part of her planning a networking trip to Newcastle.  She had heard me chatting on The Soulful PR Podcast recently and was going to be hooking up with some of her fellow Digital Mums network.  Luckily I wasn’t going to be out of town, so we were able to plan a shoot around her arrangements.

Did You Catch The Show?

Here’s a quicklink to that podcast episode, just in case you missed it and want to know what all the fuss is about.Headshot Photographer

What About That Network Laura?

If Digital Mum’s sounds like it’s right up your street, then you can see if there is a bunch of sista’s near to where you live.  Kerry totally raved about the support she has had from fellow mums in the set up of her business.  Whilst we were shooting her phone was blowing up.  She kept letting me know “Oh that’s such and such.  She’s coming in from here.”  “there’s XXX she’s just got into town all the way from there.”

Headshot Photographer

Back To Kerry

Kerry used to be a teacher way back when.  On growing her family she decided that she wanted more freedom and control in her day to day life so she opted for the CEO life.  Lettuce Media was born, and she hasn’t looked back.

Kerry Allan, Headshot Photographer

Offering her clients a “seed”, “grow” or “flourish” service, Kerry is all about helping her clients to broadcast to their Social Media following.  Giving the very best of themselves and their brand messages on a consistent basis, on the platforms they use for their business.



The Turbo Planning

As Kerry and I didn’t know each other, except from online and through some email conversation, we agreed to meet for a quick cuppa on Skype before the session.  Together we talked over some different ideas I had about how we could work around her busy schedule whilst she was here in Newcastle and as I knew the city better than she did I was able to also give her some hints and tips on best spots that would give her and the Lettuce Media brand a great backdrop.

Headshot Photographer

To give you a quick insight into Kerry’s branding and overall vibe, you can see she has a green and pink hue in her brand colours.  Teamed with that she LOVES the simple and clean look, with just a touch of bling.  Her instagram shows this perfectly:

Headshot Photographer

You can see she is a PRO at social media right?


Planning Takeaways

Kerry was going to ensure she had some splashes of her favourite rose gold as accessories through her outfit choices.  She’d be making sure there was a little bit of pink and green within her outfit but didnt want to be too “matchy-matchy”.

We’d switch the outfit up with a coat change

The route would be mixed up for backdrops, I’d sort out a couple of fun surprises along the way and some space for us to get shots of Kerry working so she’s have those optins if she needed them at a later date in her photography.


Kerry’s Turbo Shoot

Shoot day was insanely sunny!  I had felt in one of those mellow summertime moods when I was getting the kit ready for our session.  It was a one of those good premonitions.

Kerry had just checked in with her luggage to her hotel when I got to our shooting location.  So already everything was falling into place nicely.  We met up and I talked her through my mini-route and plans for the session.  As everything was quite tightly packed in terms of location for our timeframe we didnt have to be concerned about getting anywhere in a hurry.

The Location

We were shooting Kerry’s Turbo session right on Newcastle’s Quayside.  As it was a bright and sunny day we were able to capture that sunny and fresh vibe she has within her brand with use of just my trusty reflector and some good angles.  There were lots more boats out along the Tyne which added to the shots we did along the waters edge.

Headshot Photographer, Copyright of Laura Pearman Photography

Headshot Photographer, Copyright of Laura Pearman Photography

The Lettuce Lifestyle Look

Moving to some quieter backstreets around the Quayside we got some more casual shots of Kerry.  I freaking LOVE the colour of this door. Isnt’ is amazing?

Headshot Photographer, Copyright of Laura Pearman Photography

Headshot Photographer, Copyright of Laura Pearman Photography  


Extra Thanks To

Huge thanks going out some very kind fellow small business owners who were kind enough to let us use their beautiful businesses as backdrops for Kerry’s Turbo Headshots Session.  We really appreciate you, and the time you take to make your businesses look so lush!

Violets Cafe, Newcastle

Headshot Photographer

As well as stopping by for a quick break and something to drink here, we got a couple of shots here after getting permission.

If you havent been to Violets and you are a fan of cake then…. you really oughta get onto that!  Owner Abbie has created a sanctuary of tea and cake to watch the world go by.



Headshot Photographer, Copyright of Laura Pearman Photography

Fifth Avenue Flowers, Newcastle

Headshot Photographer


I can’t not remember this gorgeous shop being here on the quayside.  The friendly team are always ready to shoot the breeze with me if I’m calling by (alone or with a client) and that most definitely includes the famous 5th avenue dog!

Headshot Photographer, Copyright of Laura Pearman Photography



What About You?

If your mind has been blown to creative smithereens over this session, and you think going turbo is the right Headshots move for you, then you need to know where to go next.

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