Loren Bartley’s Social Media Marketing World 2018, Speaker Headshots


Meet Loren!  I met Loren at Pat Flynn’s legendary opening Party last year at Social Media Marketing World.  We hit it off over margaritas and tacos and have been in touch on social media ever since. This year we created some Social Media Marketing World 2018 headshots!

Loren is a social media strategist, Facebook Ads specialist, speaker and co-host (and producer) of the top-rated podcast #BusinessAddicts.  Loren is the founder of Impactiv8, a digital marketing agency in Australia that helps businesses strategically invest in proven social media strategies that will attract, nurture and convert their ideal customers through training and strategic “done for you” digital marketing services.

This year Loren was a Track Leader.  For those of you not “down with the SMMW Lingo” this can quickly translate to room host, or compare.  Loren was selected to keep the flow and energy moving in a room for the entire duration of the conference.  She was on the stage introducing each speaker, and then made sure that any audience members had the opportunity to ask their questions once a speaker had finished their talk.  Quite a feat when you discover that each room has a new talk nearly every hour over each day!

So, unlike a typical speaker headshots session in San Diego, Loren was different.  We wanted to capture her with as full a room as possible, which was a difficult task as there was a lot of movement in the room when Loren was on stage introducing the speaker before session and directing event delegates to their next sessions at the end of each presentation.

She also wanted to get her photography with two different outfits to reflect the outfit she was wearing on the day of the photoshoot, as well as the outfit she had worn on stage the day previously.  So this made for some fun timing over the course of an afternoon shooting during room transitions and between other bookings.


Huge thanks going out firstly to Social Media Examiner for the wonderful orchestration of Social Media Marketing World.  If it wasn’t for this amazing conference, Loren and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet and work together.

Pay Flynn, Smart Passive Income, Podcast

Secondly, if it wasn’t for Pat’s generous opening party, then Loren and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to strike up a conversation last year.  If you haven’t familiarized yourself with Pat Flynn, then a great place to start is on the Smart Passive Income Podcast.

To find out more details about Impactiv8, you can head on over to the main website here.  Loren has a wealth of great resources here.  I recommend you take a look.

This is Loren’s current Headshot.  Remember, when I capture Speaker Headshots, I’m never usually looking to replace the main headshot, this isn’t a “before and After situation”.  I like to give you a reference point here so you can see how Loren has fitted her existing headshot to her brand.


Planning for this shoot was wonderfully last minute.  Social Media people -like the industry- are incredibly fast-paced.  I saw Loren in the halls of the Convention Centre on the evening of the first day of SMMW18 and she asked me if she could book me for the following day. Quick Draw McGraw!


As touched on already, Loren was the SAVVIEST track leader of the conference.  She knew that by capturing some Speaker Photography of herself commanding the room, she’d be able to leverage these resources throughout her business superbly for the training and speaking elements throughout her business.  To take this planning even further:

  • Loren had two outfits. Why capture yourself in one look when you can rock two?
  • We planned how to shoot this to accommodate the logistics of the room.
  • Loren spoke to audience members to get them involved in her shots.
  • Loren had fun and engaged well with the audience, which reflected in the final shots.

On reading this blog you may realise how many Speaker Photographs are actually fully-staged productions in photography terms.

On reading this blog you may never realise how many Speaker Photographs are actually fully-staged productions in photography terms.

These points may trigger your pondering over the unanswerable questions of reality and illusions. Try to limit these musings over a single cuppa or your day will disappear.

Loren’s speciality is helping businesses create Facebook Ads that generate leads and sales for their businesses.  She has a free Facebook Ads Success Kit that you can get your hands on here.


Shooting for Loren was so much fun.  We planned together which room switch-overs I’d be there for, and which outfits Loren would be changed into for each.  We found a groove and then we got into it.


Loren had this first Social Media Marketing World 2018 headshots outfit to wear, and we made use of both an empty room and a filling up room to get these shots

SMMW18 Headshots Service
social media marketing world 2018 headshots
SMMW18 Headshots Service
I’m just reading the @impactiv8 Speaker #Headshots blog from #SMMW18 and now I want to shoot with @laurapcreative Click To Tweet


With a change of outfit we then rinsed and repeated our Social Media Marketing World 2018 headshots groove and captured Loren up on stage in a quiet room, and then to a busy room as it was filling up.

social media marketing world 2018 headshots
SMMW18 Headshots Service


If you are looking to build up your speaking bookings and you have some great venues lined up already that we can capture together, let’s talk!

Alternatively, if you are thinking about speaking for the first time and you want to know where to begin, I’m always happy to give you some recommendations on how to capture this and who to speak to about bookings.


You can head directly to the Speakers Gallery to see more of my Speaker Photography clients results and get ideas for how you would like to shoot with me for yourself.

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