A Colourful Personality Turbo Headshot Session with Lyndsey Johnson

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Watch The Shoot Story

If you’re struggling in coming up with some ideas and inspiration on the best way to inject your fun personality into your next creative headshots session, watch this video of my Turbo headshot session with Lyndsey Johnson.

How We Met

I first met Lyndsey through one of my Fox Force Five supplier team. Nichola and Lyndsey had worked together in styling. Nichola is from The Wardrobe Provocateur and she had done some wardrobe analysis with Lyndsey, and I believe they’ve also been out and done some personal shopping together. So when she found out that Lyndsey was ready for headshots, Nichola put us in touch. 

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Now along with serving her international SAAS clients with her GrowthVine Agency, Lyndsey decided last year to begin setting up her own online tribe. She wanted to explain to small business owners and start-up business owners why establishing a personal brand is such a good idea when you’re trying to carve out your own business for yourself. We agreed that showing some headshots of the woman behind this very successful SAAS business would be the perfect way for her to put herself out there and explain to everyone who she is and how she does business. It was also a great way for her to introduce herself to the attendees of her upcoming online summit, the Profitable Personal Branding Summit.

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The headshots should also serve her well in making sure that she continues to attract clients who want a fresh, fun, and personality-fueled approach to engineering online sales funnels. This is sometimes quite a grey area and Lyndsey is definitely not a grey person. So she wanted to appeal to more perfect, ideal clients in both areas of her business.

The Shoot Results

creative headshots

I hope that we managed to capture Lyndsey’s fun-loving side. She really does bring a fresh approach to a very technical business area of expertise.

Taking a stroll around Newcastle meant we could get a wide variety of shots with different textures and backgrounds.

creative headshots

Extra thanks to…

I have some additional people to thank. They helped make sure that Lyndsey’s session came together beautifully.

Babucho, Newcastle

Thanks to Babucho for letting us shoot there.

creative headshots

Nichola English, The Wardrobe Provocateur

I would like to officially thank Nichola from The Wardrobe Provocateur. She introduced me and Lyndsey. I really appreciate it.

Nic at ND Make-Up

Lyndsey decided to upgrade her Turbo Headshots Service with a quick visit to ND for some pro makeup before her session. Thanks going out to Nic. Fab job as always!

creative headshots

What About You?

If you want to make sure your headshots work in tandem with your carefully thought out branding, then honey, we need to talk!

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