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You can watch this episode on Makeup for Headshots in full here. In this episode of Mwah TV, I'm updating the record. Let's look back and refocus on how you can get your makeup planned out in time for some selfies, your next big photo shoot or a personal branding photography session.

Makeup For Headshots Back In 2017

Way back in 2017, I created a Q and A series here on this same channel. You can go back here and take a look at the Real Questions Answered playlist if you wanna revisit them or if you had no idea that I had made them before. But today, I'm picking this question from Michelle Rose Marketing, where she asked me, "How do you go about looking good fast" for any kind of photography?"

It could be guesting on somebody's live show, to doing some selfies or having a full-scale photo shoot, but where you're doing your makeup yourself. I've had my own photography business for many years now and in that time, I decided to start living my life as a vintage pin-up. So trust me, when I tell you that this has involved gallons of makeup and back-combing.

#VloggerLife Problems!

Now when I was planning this episode, I wanted to make it a compilation of lots of tips and tricks and advice from the makeup artists that I work with and the hair artists that I work with my real-life clients.

But from a pool of about 20 different artists, I was unable to find one who was cool about being on camera. I don't know what to tell you. They're all just far too shy. So instead, what I've done is gathered up some of the best tips and pointers that I could find from some of my favourite YouTube channels that are hosted by makeup artists.

Are You A YouTube Tutorial Fan Like Me?

These range from episodes and channels that I use myself when I'm trying to polish my own makeup game, to when I'm planning a photoshoot and I know that it's easier to just show the artist that I'm working with the kind of thing that I have in my mind and also when I'm planning things out with my clients at the very first stages of planning a photoshoot.

Pampered Wolf

Pampered Wolf is one of my favourite makeup artist channels, and I think the reason I like it is that it's British, and it's no-nonsense.

This episode, in particular, is the one I send my clients to when they say to me in the planning stages,

"But Laura, I'm not a teenage Instagram model. "I don't look that way. "I have eye bags and I have wrinkles, and I don't know how we're gonna make that look good "in my photoshoot."

It's this episode that I tell 'em to go and watch.

On this episode, Gemma shares some really good tricks on how to make your eye bags look less puffy and less pronounced when you are over 35 years old.

I can wholeheartedly recommend that you take a look at this channel and keep an eye out for Gemma's beautiful mammy. She also contributes her feelings on using products and tricks and tips for the over 65s.

Stephanie Bailey

Next up is the kind of makeup tutorial I am often watching when I'm in the bath or if I know I've got a really early start the next day. This is from Stephanie Bailey, and it's how to look good in just five minutes. Oh, and you should know that Stephanie has a beautiful Aussie accent.

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Carl Cunard

Manly make up next with Carl Cunard. Now I'm not sure how many men have even tuned in to this episode! I salute you if you're curious and you're watching it at this point... This is why I put this one in now.

I find that a lot of my male clients come to me thinking that makeup is something just for women or just for men who do ballroom dancing.

Why Men Need Make Up Too

But in a photoshoot scenario or a filming scenario, it is much more effective to take care of that shine or any little flaws by using masculine makeup. And this video, in particular, shows you exactly how to achieve that kind of look.

Beauty Expert Jane

Now professional makeup and hair don't have to be a full-on Barbie girl look when you're planning a photoshoot, especially if you're someone who never wears makeup in real life. We need to add makeup to you to smooth out your skin and make you look more alive under false lighting in particular. Beauty Expert Jane does this really well in this episode of her YouTube channel.

This is also a great one to watch if you have Asian skin and eyes just like Jane.

Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is an absolute favourite for me as well, and this episode is a really useful one. I don't care how long you've been troweling it on your face. You're gonna benefit from watching this episode of his channel. It's all about why your foundation game sucks. A really great base can make a huge difference in your makeup for headshots final results.

Game-changer, seriously, it was a game-changer.

Timestamps for this Episode of #MwahTV

00:00 - Episode Starts

00:50 - Revisiting Michelle's Question

02:25 - Pampered Wolf's trick for under eyes

03:31 - Stephanie Bailey's trick for pulling a look together in 5mins

03:42 - Carl Cunard sharing tricks for men and makeup

05:00 - Beauty Expert Jane talking about Asian skin tricks

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