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Hey! I’m Laura

Most days you can find me dancing and singing out of tune to old songs as I work away from my home empire in the North East of the UK.

I am mostly known for being an International Headshots Photographer.  Laura Pearman


People often call me:

Lulu, Lozza, The Pearman, Pearmani – as well as Laura.


I love serving the world being a photographer, sharing my wild ideas and infecting people with new levels of confidence.


The Things I am most passionate about in life are

  • Cocktails,
  • Travelling,
  • Feminism,
  • Visual Narration,
  • Talking


I photograph people who are totally into showing the world their brilliance.  I feel privileged to capture them.


I also teach people who struggle with getting the best selfies from their phone.  I am filled with excitement when I see someone progress with this.

As a headshots photographer I’ve been featured on many marketing related vlogs and podcasts to talk about my unique style and approach.  I continue to work with industry leaders on capturing their brilliance both as international speakers, and within their brand through headshots.  In turn, I have been asked to speak on this in different forums to share advice on how to become a successful keynote speaker.

To see more of my specialist subjects and watch or hear my reels, you can download my Calling Card.

When I’m not busy working on Photography you can catch me


  • Dancing and cooking whilst sipping a cocktail.
  • Decorating our new house with my lover Thom and cat Suki.
  • Travelling to somewhere scary-butterflies new.


If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.


  • My Imaginary friend was called Morty, and he looked a lot like Charlie Brown. I still miss him.
  • I’m a full-on wine snob, and (dark) chocoholic
  • I feel that dreams can be psychic visions
  • I play the saxophone
  • As a lefthanded person, I love meeting fellow lefties (it’s a secret society).


Still here? Let’s connect!


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