Mike Morrison’s Youpreneur Summit, Keynote Speaker Headshots

Meet My Client!

I first met Mike way WAY back in 2013!  He came along to a Networking group we both belonged to.  He had recently relocated back to the northeast from the gloomy depths of the south.

Flash forward four years, and we bump into each other atop the Manchester Hyatt, at some sunset drinks hosted by none other than Chris Ducker for Social Media Marketing World in San Diego.  Both of our businesses changed dramatically, we had a tonne to catch up on.

That was back in March, and since then, we’ve been staying up to date with each other’s news online.  I was thrilled to see that both Callie and Mike liked my unusual approach of asking if they’d like to work together in London.

This is Mike’s current headshot.  As I’ve explained in my recent speaker blog for Janet Murray (also at Youpreneur) these are two very different things.

Keynote Speaker Headshots

The nature of The Membership Guys as a business is in itself to be pretty organised – with your Membership Community.  With a podcast at its 124th Episode (at time of writing) there really is “nee messing” when it comes to doing business with Mike directly.  Once we had agreed that I was capturing Mike on stage as he was delivering his talk, we simply exchanged a couple of emails narrowing down some finer details, and it was all in the bag.

Mike’s Speaker Shoot

As you already know from last week’s blog, Youpreneur was an incredible FULL ON and intense conference.  I attended both as a speakers photographer and to see what tips I could pick up for the inner workings for Peary HQ.  From speedy note doodling and ideas generation right through to meeting some fantastic fellow business owners in networking and masterminding, it’s exhilarating and mind-frying all at the same time.  There is a definite gear change that has to happen for me between delegate mode and “I’m shooting this now”.  I’m working on how best to explain this in detail, then I’ll come back to you.

Queen Elizabeth II Centre

I’d earmarked a handy seat at a table right in the front for me to work from as a base on Day Two.  I could leave my notepad, switch gears and leap off into Panther-mode to shoot when I needed to.

keynote speaker, Laura Pearman Photography, Mike Morrison
Mike Morrison Speaker Headshots Youpreneur Summit 2017

Often when I’m shooting this style of photography I play the Pink Panther Theme Tune in my head.  You have to do a LOT of quiet creeping around and make sure an audience keeps focusing on the Keynote speaker headshots and not you.

keynote speaker, Mike Morrison, Laura Pearman Photography
Mike Morrison Speaker Headshots Youpreneur Summit 2017

Mike’s Speaker Vibe

Mike is an entertaining speaker.  He has a great collection of gesticulations that make him fun to shoot.  The crowd loves his podcast-pauses.

keynote speaker, Mike Morrison, Laura Pearman Photography
Mike Morrison Speaker Headshots Youpreneur Summit 2017

Extra Thanks To…

Chris Ducker

Huge thanks going out to Chris Ducker for letting me work at the event.  If you didn’t make it to this year’s summit, tickets are already available for next time.

Through Client Eyes

I asked Mike to do a quick piece to camera to let you know what he thought about this Keynote speaker headshots.  Here’s what happened:

What About You?

If you are a Pro Speaker and you know that its time to convert your 2018 speaking gigs back into some serious leveragey-goodness. We need to make it happen together.

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