How to build your personal brand through moodboarding

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In this episode of Mwah TV, we're talking about how you can build your personal brand by using moodboarding. Moodboarding is a great way to solidify any concept in life really, but that means it works just as well when it comes to figuring out your personal brand.

By the end of this episode, you're gonna have some really simple moodboarding techniques that you can go off and use for yourself, let's go.

Trust Me On This...

Now, from a lot of years of experience, trust me when I tell you that have really well thought out visual prompts is truly the best way to debrief any creative supplier that you wanna work with in your business.

It is incredibly efficient compared to you garbling on and rambling about the way that you want something to look or feel. There is a real joy with mood boarding in particular. You are physically putting different ideas next to each other to see how they fit together.

Get Pinning!

You can quite literally experiment with different ideas before you set anything in stone.

The obvious choice for gathering ideas and inspiration online is, of course, Pinterest.


By creating a Pinterest board and inviting others to work on it, you are creating a collaborative virtual space where you can together collect different ideas and concepts. If you're really struggling with developing storylines of your five personal brand themes, then watch this episode on Mwah TV,

Theme Up Your Pin Boards

Then why not go ahead and just create five secret Pinterest boards?

Title them with each of your Personal Brand themes and start looking around and seeing if you can find some new ideas and inspiration to help you round out the storylines of your personal brand that you're using on your social media which we actually spoke about on this episode,

and you're gonna be able to come up with much better personal branded themes.

Struggling with your Brand Themes?

You might be struggling with getting a handle on what your 5 main branding themes or values are. Without these, it can be a royal pain in the ass to come up with the right creative anchors to use in directing your content creation efforts. 

I made this quick template to start organising your thoughts on this.

Quick Question for You...

Quick question for you, have you got a working brand guidelines document? If the answer to that question is no, I really wanna know why.

You can just DM me on Instagram. I promise I won't tell anyone!

And if Pinterest is new to you

And if you're struggling to get started with Pinterest, why don't you take a look at my account?

Please go ahead, and re-pin anything you want from my account. It's OK, I don't mind sharing.

Designing a Moodboard in Photoshop

So when I'm working on a moodboard for a client, specifically to do with preparations for a photoshoot. I'm gonna pull everything out from Pinterest. It's usually a secret board that me and my team, as well as the client, have been collaborating on and then I'm gonna put it together in a collage way, and I'm gonna use Photoshop to do that.

The art of collage itself is quite a literal way of mashing ideas together. By layering them on top of each other. And for me, I really love the way that looking at a collage makes your eyes dance around the page in an unpredicted way.

A Real Life Example

It's a great way to gather a sense of a mood...

or a sense of the emotion that we wanna evoke in a photoshoot for instance, without being very rigid in the way that we do it. You're giving people permission, to play around with the ideas and form the idea you want them to in their brain in their way.

Of course, you don't have to be fully au fait with working with Photoshop.

Photoshop is just my happy place because of my photography background.

Moodboarding the Old-School Way

You could even just print everything out from Pinterest, cut it all up and layer it together and get a Pritt stick and stick it all out on a mount board.

This is a really fun way to moodboard as well. The old-fashioned ways are usually the best.

I find the time it takes to cut everything out neatly and stick it all after re-positioning it is a great way to create a mental pause to let the ideas solidify and evolve about what you are moodboarding in your mind.


A quick shout-out now to Moodzer.

Moodboarding with Moodzer

A few years ago, a makeup artist I was working with showed me this tool. This is how she put together different moodboards without having to know all that techie Photoshop stuff.

You're gonna get a much more clean and crisp look to the way that your moodboards work because of the way that the software works. This is a great way to elevate things. And if you haven't got time to sit with the scissors and the Pritt stick, you might wanna go for this option for speed.

Are You Ready To Sex-Up Your Creativity?

What if every incredible imaginative idea followed a defined process?

What if that intangible magic of "having it" or "knowing it" or "that x-factor" was actually crazy-simple?

So simple in fact that the most un-creative person out there could fathom it out.

The Playbook every single aloof creative type NEVER wants you to see.

If you're ready to Sex-Up Your creative abilities, this is the interactive play-by-play you need. Use it over and over again for every project.

Moodboarding with Canva

Having raved about Canva before on the show and I still love them.

I think that the premium version of their subscription is worth every single penny, it's a huge time-saver for me. I love having vision boards in my life.

And I make sure that my desktop wallpaper on my laptop is always a vision board of what I'm looking to achieve right now in my life. For some reason, I don't create that in Photoshop,

I can't explain why.

Instead, I always create it in Canva.

If you're looking to put together a professional-looking moodboard, and the idea of using any new software freaks you out (but you already use Canva) you should definitely try moodboarding out there first.

Moodboarding for your Brand

Now, reviewing how you're conceptualising your personal brand right now into moodboards is probably an annual activity. For me, it's something that I like to take a little review over and play around with over the Christmas holidays.

Once I've decided I'm done with the moodboards, I will flatten them or save them as a flattened JPEG file. And then we put them into my working brand guidelines document. This way, if we're hiring any creative suppliers for the following year, they will get the up-to-date versions of the way that we're trying to curate the personal brand in my business.

This was the last episode of Mwah TV in this season, and I'm now taking a break for the winter.

Don't worry though, I'm gonna be back again in the new year.

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02:27 - Moodboarding with Photoshop

03:33 - Moodboarding the Traditional Way

03:41 - Moodboarding with Moodzer

04:06 - Moodboarding with Canva

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