Nadine Powrie’s Leadership Coach Headshots at Media Influence Live 2018

Leadership Coach Headshots

Meet My Client!

Meet Nadine.  Nadine works all over the world to deliver insightful business coaching.  She has a very elegant brand and this suits her area of expertise beautifully.  Lets look at how we built on this in her recent headshots session.

How We Met

Janet Murray

I met Nadine through Janet Murray’s recent Media Influence Live event.  As official photographer for this conference, Nadine saw me on a Facebook Live I guested on with Janet, where we talked about the up and coming event.  Janet has another great event lined up for the end of this year all centred around planning your content right for 2019.

The Planning

Unlike my usual headshots packages, I worked on developing a specific headshots service for the Media Influence Live delegates with Janet in the run up to the event.  Nadine and I selected the right service for her headshots during Media Influence Live. With some already fantastic headshots in her branding arsenal, it was important that we build on her strong foundation of imagery, showing a new aspect of the Nadine Powrie brand.

Nadine’s Headshot Session

Nadine and I found some models to support her headshots session at Media Influence Live.  With some extras in the shots we had planned to show what it was like to work with Nadine in a small consulting group, then 121.  Having models in your headshots session is such a good way to show how you deliver what it is you do.  This especially works well for experts in high end services, like Nadine.

The Trampery, London

The Trampery is a wonderfully quirky space.  It’s pure Hoxton!  If you are ever in the area and you are looking for a great space to co-work in, you should check them out.

Leadership Coach Headshots
Janine Powrie Headshots 2018
Leadership Coach Headshots

Nadine and Sanchita in our 121 Leadership Coaching Headshots set up.

Isn’t this wallpaper just heaven-sent?  I love how it compliments what Nadine is wearing.  Pure Elegance.

Vintage Conference Room

Nadine and I agreed that it would be effective to try and capture the effect of what it is to work with her in a consulting scenario.  To do this we got a couple of fellow Media Influence Live attendees to step in as clients of Nadine.

Leadership Coach Headshots

Showing how it would be in a small focussed group with Nadine.  As she works internationally her locations are always changing for this kind of Leadership delivery.

Nadine’s Edit & Retouch

Nadine chose to upgrade her service so that she could have a look at all of our shoot frames.  She wanted to be able to select the very best shots for her needs now.  The beauty of this particular upgrade is that Nadine can re-visit her shoot again in the future should she want to pick some more shots for specific design needs.

Extra Thanks To

I would officially like to thank The Trampery for being so accommodating on this session.  Next time I’m in London this is where I’m working from.

The Trampery, London

Some words in here about how they rock and how we appreciate them so much.

Fran Excell

Fran was one of our models on Nadine’s headshots session.  Fran has a beautiful business working with Business Behaviour and mindset coaching.

Jo Robertson

Jo stepped in as both a model and a pro reflector holder.  Jo has a delightful business in Birth Photography.  Her Lillian Craze brand is all about stunning birth stories in black and white.

Shanchita Saha

Shanchita was a fab model.  One of her 121 shots ended up making it to our final cut for the collection.  Shanchita has a really innovative app.  Shello is a free and private community for only women.

Through Client Eyes

I asked Nadine to tell you all about her impressions of working together.  Here’s what happened:


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