Natalie Hailey’s Birthday Speaker Headshots at Newcastle Start up Week


Natalie is the founder of Hot Content based in Cumbria. We met at last year’s CMA Conference and have been online biz buddies in a couple of different entrepreneurial memberships groups ever since. Natalie was on the speaker line-up for this year’s Newcastle Start Up Week. Professional speaking is something Natalie is adding into her business and whilst we have an amazing headshots session planned for the future, it made more sense for us to capture Natalie delivering a great talk first. As a content savvy consultant, Natalie knew that these visual assets would serve her best. I really love clients who get this concept. It gives me the assurance that they are going to get maximum value for their investment.


Newcastle Start-Up Week is a beautiful event. Each year the savviest of our city come together to describe what to expect and give quality advice to the regions budding entrepreneurs. I’ve known co-ordinator Sarah Crimmens for a couple of years now and the vibe she and Paul Lancaster have created really encapsulates all of that fizzy energy we experience at the beginning of our collective entrepreneurial journey. The golden networking becomes so organic as a result of their careful speaker curation and heartfelt entertainment. I absolutely loved meeting a wide range of new entrepreneurs during the week, developing great new relationships with some business owners and spending the time cementing connections in a great atmosphere.


Natalie got in touch with me in the run-up to Newcastle Start-Up week. As a new professional speaker, we discussed some plans around how to get the most visually from her photography with the focus on showing:


These shots are hugely valuable to all PRO Speakers. Having proof of you getting your audience enthralled shows all bookers that you can command and entertain a crowd. It gives them peace of mind. Anyone can get a couple of mates to shoot you on their phone from their audience seat, this will always result in a bunch of up-the-nose photo reels taken from the same spot. Not so valuable.


When you are new to the scene of public speaking its vital you establish authority from the get-go. Like a hard firm STAMP to the stage (yes, in killer shoes). Your first year as a PRO speaker (i.e not amateur) is like one long debutant ball. During this time you. Speaking will form the basis of how the creation of content around speaking will form the basis of how the rest of the circuit judge you.


Natalie has a delightful personality. She has a gentle quality, is one of those active listeners and has a lovely mellow pace. I wanted to capture her personality with these Speaker Shots. It’s what makes her unique and her clients fall head over heels with her.


As you know, if you have read any of my other speaking photography blogs, I usually capture speakers in different cities and countries. It felt unusual to be in a very familiar place when delivering this service for Natalie. I didn’t have to spend time planning logistics around new terrain and venues.

I met Natalie and pals for a pre-talk catch-up, we had a great chat about her Podcast over coffee. It was Natalie’s birthday, so before we all headed to her gig, we sang Happy Birthday (for the first time). I also had time to make a reservation for her birthday dinner afterwards.


The room Natalie was going to be talking in had been made as dark as possible for the dual projections of speaker slides. Despite the weather being hot n sunny outside, I adapted my shooting to ensure that Natalie would be visible in her photography. I was so thankful she had a white dress on!

Natalie Hailey Speaking at Newcastle Start Up Week

Natalie has a great way of explaining her points.  I really love how this shot captures her easy pace.

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Things got fun and relaxed near the end of the talk.  Natalie fielded questions from the audience…

Natalie Hailey Speaking at Newcastle Start Up Week

… and then we all sang “Happy Birthday” to her.


Huge thanks to all of Natalie’s Birthday celebration posse. I haven’t had so much fun in a long time!


Richard carried my kit for me for the duration of Natalie’s birthday shenanigans. What a dude!

Richard is one of the UK’s leading IT influencers.  He regularly blogs and hosts a great podcast on all things MSP related within the world of IT.


Andrew & Pete are never too far away from a party. They made the night out for Natalie fun and filled with laughter.  If you don’t know Andrew and Pete, take a look at their upcoming event ATOMICON.  Happening right here in Newcastle early next year.


This was the first time I met Ant. He was legendary on our night out. You need to add his can head party piece to your bucket list right now.

He is also fantastic at producing podcasts!


As one of the keynote speakers for Newcastle Start Up Week, Brian had flown in from the US. How he managed to keep going full blast for the entire event on such little sleep is beyond me.

Brian is a renowned Pro Speaker.  He presents the millennial take on Influencer Marketing and Social Media to a wealth of businesses who are trying to get up to speed on what all of this means to them.  If millennial’s grind your gears, go check out his podcast.


WP QuickLaunch

Gerry is such a gent!  I love having the chance to catch up with him at great networking events like this.  He sat next to me during Natalie’s birthday meal out and I can proudly declare that both of us caught the flying food in our mouths from the teppanyaki grill.

Gerry has a fantastic resource called WP Quick Launch.  He helps the non-tech savvy build their own websites.


Michelle is my go-to-gal when it comes to all things analytics.  I really love having her on my team and we always have a great time when we make the time to hang.

Michelle has an impressive career in the world of Marketing.  How she applies this and her intuition to small business is AMAZING!


I asked Natalie to do a quick piece to camera to let you know what she thought about this Speaker Photography service. Here’s what happened:


If you are building up your reputation as a phenomenal Professional Speaker, you will be in need of some phenomenal Speaker Photography. Let’s talk.


You can head directly to my Gallery to see more of my Speaking Clients results and get ideas for how you would like to shoot with me for yourself.


Take a look and see if our travel schedules match up. I do a lot of my speaker photography services when attending big events around the world each year.

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