Neal Schaffer’s Speaker Headshots Session at SMMW18

Meet My Client!

Neal is a world leading specialist on Social Media and he is recognised as a thought leader on marketing strategy.  He places high in Forbes’ Lists for Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers and Top 5 Social Sales Influencers.

You may have tuned into the Maximise Your Social Podcast or read one of Neal’s books.  I’m personally excited for this next one all about Influencer Marketing:

Neal was referred to me through a secret Facebook Group I can’t get access to.  I was thrilled when I discovered this from him!  If you can’t be in the room, at least get someone in there talking about you, right?

Photographed By: La-Vie Photography

The Speaking Event

Most of my work of this nature for the bigger conferences are fast n furious when it comes to planning.  I’ve checked my record and can see the space between Neal and my initial DM’s to booking was within a week.  We’ve both attended Social Media Marketing World before, so this style of low-fuss approach was fitting.

Planning Speaker Takeaways

From the fast-paced planning that I did with Neal, a quick and concise brief developed that included some key factors.  I knew that it was crucial to involve and include the following factors in the shoot:

  • LOW FUSS. Neal prefers a service that fits with his busy schedule.
  • SCALE SHOTS. On the line up to be speaking in one of the larger rooms of the Convention Centre, scale becomes important.  Showing the scale by moving “pink panther style” around whilst a talk is going on gives for the best results of speaking photography.

Neal’s Speaker Shoot

Shoot day was a test of my metal.  I’ve already shared that I has just gotten ill I arrived in San Diego for this year’s Social Media Marketing world.  At the time of shooting Neal’s session, I was at my worst.  I really couldn’t have asked for an easier pro speaker as a client at this time.  For this I am so thankful.

Influencer Stage

Neal has a great pace when he is speaking.  He does a cool flow of pacing mixed with gestures that are a tonne of fun to capture.  I’d noticed this from the very top of his talk but focussed in on getting those all-important scale shots first.  By the time I’d switched lenses and was up close to the front of the room Neal had gotten into full groove and I was able to catch some great decisive moment style shots.  I really couldn’t believe my luck and I still don’t know how I pulled this off.  I was in a doctor’s office 20 mins after wrapping on this session being ordered to get straight to bed.

Influencer Marketing Speaker
Influencer Marketing Speaker

Neal’s Speaking Rhythm

Towards the end of his perfectly timed talk, Neal made time to field questions from the audience.  I always like to see how many people have been filled with knowledge and who want to ask something as a result at the end of a Social Media Marketing World talk.

Influencer Marketing Speaker
Influencer Marketing Speaker

Extra Thanks To

Huge thanks going out to the private referral that happened behind the scenes.  You know who you are!

Social Media Examiner, California

If you are planning to come along to see Neal next year, you can get your ticket right here in advance for Social Media Marketing World 2019.

What About You?

If you are a Pro Speaker and you are on the line up of a great conference soon, let’s shoot there!

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