Nesta’s Fitspiration Pilates Headshots in Marbella

Pilates Headshots

Meet My Client!

Nesta has a beautifully niched business.  She teaches Pilates to those in their Golden years in and around Hitchin, Herts.  We met through Yvonne Radley’s Dream Life Academy Retreat in Marbella, Spain.  Together we created some unique Pilates Headshots.

How We Met

You know how I know Yvonne.  We met at Heathrow airport earlier this year.  Take a look at Yvonne’s headshots session from this same retreat.

Pilates Headshots

The Turbo Planning

In the run-up to us all flying out to Marbella, Nesta and I spoke a LOT on FB Messenger.  We looked at all of the different ways we could create some relevant Pilates headshots that would support her clear and successful brand.

Pilates Headshots

Nesta’s Pilates Headshots Wish-List

From our chatting online we quickly developed some key focus points for when it came time to shoot in Marbella together.

Pinks and Blues

It was important we re-affirm Nesta’s brand colours.  We agreed it would be fun to do this naturally with the things we found in our Spanish surroundings.

No Ego Poses

If you have ever looked through Instagram under the search terms of Pilates or Yoga, you will be greeted with intimidating convoluted poses. Usually held by young springy women scantily clad.  Nesta’s business is not at all about this and she knows that it’s photography like this that intimidates her client base.

Friendly Authority

Nesta has been in the fitness world for as long as I have been alive. She has seen the trends change from 80’s lycra and leg warmers today’s focus on a holistically healthy lifestyle.  It’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about all thing’s health and wellness.  We wanted to convey this through some friendly authority shots.

Nesta’s Turbo Headshot Session

If you are a follower of Yvonne on social, you will already know that this song was the entire theme of the retreat.

We all kept bursting into this at moments during the trip.

Gran Meliá Don Pepe, Marbella Spain

The masterminding and guest speakers’ section of the retreat was hosted in the beautifully luxurious Gran Melia Don Pepe.  Nesta and I began our shoot here by the pool and decided to meander down to the beach.

Pilates Headshots
Nesta Shephard Turbo Headshots
Pilates Headshots
Nesta Shephard Turbo Headshots

The Beach, Marbella

Having done a little bit of on the ground scouting, to match up to my online scouting before take off, I was thrilled to find the light blue peeling paint wall along the beach was as perfect as I thought in planning.

Pilates Headshots
Nesta Shephard Turbo Headshots

It was important to portray that Nesta is the living embodiment of being filled with health to her over 50’s audience.  I love how we did this in a relaxed way.

Pilates Headshots
Nesta Shephard Turbo Headshots

Nesta’s Edit & Retouch

Nesta decided to take a look at all of our shoot frames with my VIP Gallery upgrade service.  Together we worked on this virtually to narrow down her final collection to be as useable as possible for her current business needs.

Extra Thanks To

I would officially like to thank the welcoming team at Gran Meliá Don Pepe.

Gran Meliá Don Pepe

Pilates Headshots

Through Client Eyes

I asked Nesta to tell you about her experience of the Turbo service. Here’s what happened:

What about you?

If you are also in the fitness and wellness industry and you have a specific message to the world through your work, we should talk!

More Inspo?

You can head directly to the Headshots Gallery to see more of my clients’ results and get ideas for how you would like to shoot with me for yourself.

The Brochure

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