The Branding Program ESPECIALLY Created for Female experts to go from Overwhelm to Confident Clarity so That they can feel More Empowered & In Control

branding program: Your Branded Business but A LOT MORE On Your Terms

Before you get into this page about how my Branding Program works let me ask you this first...

What exactly are YOUR terms right now?

And how did you get to these terms, to be now considering applying to take part in my amazing Branding Program?

You're in the Right Place if any (or All) of these statements resonate for you

The On Her Terms Branding Program Takes You

your Story usually goes a little something like this

  • You've worked as hard as you can to get to the highest level of expertise within your chosen field. School to Uni/College and then EVEN more qualifications followed by work experience to Internships to working your way up the ladder.
  • You've made and continue to make many sacrifices to fulfil your big ambitions.
  • For a hot second there, you felt like maybe you had made it, but then something quite disappointing happened to you.

I call this the BIG Disappointment part

  • You hit a glass ceiling in the corporate world.
  • You burned out and got sick (sometimes this happened on repeat till you had to take a lot of time out).
  • Life happened and you could no longer work the crazy hours (babies, family commitments, etc).
  • Or you took a look at how the world has been built by the patriarchy and decided "nope, not for me".

And Then You Birthed a Business (you clever thing!)

  • Born from necessity or from preferences (or both) you decided to roll your sleeves up and strike out on your own. WHOO!
  • You realised despite all that skill and expertise the business hasn't flowed together as well or as fast or as profitable as you wanted it to.
  • More compromise.
  • Some winging it (and you hate winging it - even though you can fake doing it well).

And Now...

  • You KNOW you deserve more money/to invest more/build a bigger pension.
  • Some of the people you work with drive you potty.
  • You want more downtime to enjoy your spoils.
  • You're always trying to sort out a big-meaning legacy with your career (but can never seem to find the time).
  • You might be considering if a pivot is the right next step ahead.

Make it more on your terms with me in the On Her Terms Branding Program

How Does This branding program Work?

3 Phases - 6 Modules

This branding program is structured in 3 clear phases that work in order to help get your brand working for you on your terms.

In each of these phases, we will work on 3 specific modules. Here is how they all breakdown.

Time To Focus

There is the time designed in the flow of this branding program to really focus and get to work. We do this in an accountable way co-working online together.

Time To Get Extra Guidance

We then have allotted time to discuss progress, share any hurdles or achievements and an opportunity to get expertise and encouragement from the group and myself.

Flexibility - OVER 6 WHOLE MONTHS

I know that for most business owners there are no two weeks that ever work out to be the same. This is why this format is set up in a way so that if you miss a module being taught, or the chance to get involved in the discussion, that's ok, everything is made available to you online to work through for up to 6 whole months after the branding program has been delivered.

If You Don't Know Me Yet

Hi, I’m Laura!

I’ve worked with hundreds of Entrepreneurs all over the world to hone and amplify their branding and visibility.

I've combined my own area of expertise with my ambition to be one of THE women who helped the female experts of the world at this time in herstory change the future of the world for the better with their dynamic businesses, quests and talents.

Laura - Services5

HI! I'm Laura Pearman

Creative Director | Brand Strategist | Brand Photographer

Laura! I've lost my mojo!

Babes, I feel you. This often crops up for me when:

  • I have a milestone birthday and feel old.
  • The business hits any kind of a milestone and I being to think and reflect on it all.
  • I'm waiting in a cue getting the weekly shop in.
  • I see something bad has happened in the world in the news and I know I can do very little to fix it or help.

When it comes to applying these feelings to your business that used to be your pride and joy all those years ago then,

This is a Branding Problem!

It's a really good indicator that our sense of listlessness could mean that you lost the big "why" (to use a cheesy term) that needs to underpin your business.

Babes, you're NOT The Only One...

To celebrate the launch of the next cohort, I have been going LIVE at 5 pm for the last few weeks. The goal was to get people talking just like you about these really common problems.

In the syle of a 90's Teen Magazine problem page.

Laura! I just need some BETTER customers/clients!

There is nothing worse than having to grin and bear it working for people who:

  • Just don't want to appreciate your value.
  • Drag every step of your process out unnecessarily.
  • Refuse to give you enough control to do your work then complain at you for making it all so difficult.

After you've moved beyond that awful bit of firing them, or trying to price them out and away from you, you have to accept that actually...

This is a Branding Problem!

Not enough predictable repeat customers who fill your heart to the brim with love about what you joy and too many customers who just suck the life of you tell me that you need to do a little more work on figuring out what it is about your branding that doesn't repel away the problem customer and doesn't attract enough of the just-right customers.

How This Bit REALLY helped Michelle

Michelle got SO much confidence about who her perfect customer was as a result of working on the first phase of this program. 

By the time we finished, she was able to fill all of the gaps she has in her brand to get the confidence she needed about how to be more visible to the right people. It's already paying off for her.

Watch her full story here.

Find your Mojo & Your Loyal Fans On Your Terms With me

Laura! I just need a bit more MONEY!

Without an up-to-date strategic view of your market, it becomes all too easy to:

  • Price yourself out of the market.
  • Undersell yourself into de-valued burnout.
  • Miss a huge opportunity to disrupt and innovate (and then cash in on this move).

If you know you are doing enough when it comes to selling then these foundations of what your selling are probably more of a...

Branding Problem!

It is this exact level of strategic thinking based on hard facts that give you all of the information to make a confident decision about how to change what your doing to make that extra money you're longing for.

Babes, you're NOT The Only One...

To celebrate the launch of the next cohort, I have been going LIVE at 5 pm for the last few weeks. The goal was to get people talking just like you about these really common problems.

In the syle of a 90's Teen Magazine problem page.

Laura! If only I had a better TEAM!

Your team can make you or break you. At its worst, the wrong people in your business can

  • Make you feel like your business just turned into a terrible soap opera!
  • Make you feel constantly that "it's easier to just do this myself" (yet you still pay them the same every month).
  • Sap your time with a constant state of hiring and firing tasks (when all you want to do is a money-making business).

A huge part of building a team you can trust and feel proud of to grow your brand into what you want it to become for your goals and to support the career goals of you people is actually...

A Branding Problem!

It might be time for you to invest the time and mental space on how you instil your brand into your people so that they really feel as though they have an integral role to play in how it flourishes with your leadership.

MAKE MORE MONEY & BUild a team On Your Terms With me

The Investment & Payment Plan Options Available


No matter how you slice and dice it this Program offers exceptional value.

This is the exact same 6-part process I would deliver to a client in the same position as you on this service that begins at £9,950.


This is because you are doing the work with my guidance, in this curated group setting, and at a much slower pace, I can lower the price point.

The work you will be doing is the same as I would handle for you over on this service which is over double the price.

7 Reasons I Think You Should Apply To My branding program TODAY

Frequently Asked Questions About The On Her Terms Brand Program

Now it's Time To Apply To The On Her Terms Branding Program

This takes 10 minutes if you're firing on all cylinders and really in the zone.

I recommend you fill in this form over a more mellow 30 minutes where you can think about your answers or double-check your numbers first.

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